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Angelica Seed Oil for Skin

Learn about the ‘Angels herb’ otherwise known as angelica seed oil, known for its plentiful medicinal, therapeutic and skin beneficial properties.

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What is Angelica Seed Oil?


Angelica essential oil originated in Africa and since the 16th century the herb has grown across Europe and parts of Asia. Recognised by it’s height and the small white and green flowers, angelica seed oil is extracted from the roots and seeds of the Angelica archangelica plant by a process called steam distillation.


The ingredient was in high demand due to its medicinal properties during the black plague as the Royal Prescription believed it to be a potent herbal antidote. Since then more health benefits have been discovered resulting in the inclusion of the oil in skincare. 


Read on to discover what is angelica root essential oil used for and the angelica root essential oil benefits for your skin.


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What is Angelica Root Essential Oil Used For?

If you are looking to revitalise your mind, body and skin, angelica root essential oil is the magic herb you have been looking for. Uncover its uses below:

Therapeutic: Angelica essential oil has therapeutic properties including the woody scent relieving stress, anxiety and insomnia. Often put in a diffuser the calming aroma is relaxing for the mind.

Skin Benefits: When applied topically, angelica seed oil can smooth our skin as well as balancing moisture levels to give a healthy, revitalised glow.

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Angelica Root Essential Oil Benefits For Skin

As well as using angelica essential oil for medicinal and therapeutic benefits, angelica root essential oil has many skin benefits:

  1. Soothing Properties:When applied topically to the skin it can calm epidermis, the thin outer layer of our skin, reducing the likelihood of breakouts. In addition, angelica oil can revitalise dull looking skin. 

  2. Skin Irritation:Anecdotally, the topical application of angelica essential oil is said to help treat psoriasis (a skin condition which causes red, itchy patches) due to the plant containing furocoumarins. If you believe you have psoriasis or any other skin condition, make sure to consult your doctor or dermatologist on the best treatment. 

  3. Revitalise:Angelica root essential oil benefits include revitalising your skin through the chemical properties restoring microbial balance leaving you with radiant skin.

  4. Dull Complexion: Angelic seed oil has toning and rejuvenating qualities to combat dry and dull skin complexion.

Angelica Seed Oil and Skincare

Angelica seed oil can be used as a face wash morning and night to make the skin look smooth, supple and healthy. The oil allows a faster absorption of nutrients, meaning the skin can heal quicker and can even help to clear up spots.

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