The Benefits of Fermented Skincare

The world of skincare is constantly renewing itself, embracing new trends and the latest scientific advances. There’s one innovation that has every intention of staying put: fermented skincare. Read on to find out what it is and why it promises to revolutionise the field of cosmetics with its many benefits.

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What is Fermented Skincare?

Fermentation is a powerful natural process with a long history, giving us products like bread, vinegar, beer and chocolate over hundreds of years. Louis Pasteur, the microbiologist, was the first to discover “special” cells which he called ferments, and which are today known as yeasts.

Florena aims to bring the powerful transformation process of fermentation into today’s cosmetic world, through our range of fermented skincare products. Fermentation is a natural booster that makes ingredients more powerful, which is why it’s at the heart of everything we do.

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What are the benefits of fermented skincare products?

Our fermented skincare products have many benefits, from the effect they have on the skin to their natural origins. Discover all the benefits that fermented skincare has to offer and what makes fermented skincare so special.

  1. They contain more fatty acids to fight ageing.  One of the key benefits of fermented skincare is that our skincare ingredients contain 10x more antioxidant power vs non fermented ingredients. These are essential fatty acids, which include short-chain Omega 6 and Omega 9, than unfermented oils.
  2. These fatty acids are essential nutrients for the skin and are powerful antioxidants, fighting free radicals (prime culprits in skin ageing). They also strengthen the hydrolipidic film of the skin, which is a light protective film that protects against external influences such as bacteria.
  3. Fermentation is a fundamentally natural process. We’ve taken an ancient and natural transformation process and brought it into the modern cosmetic world with our fermented skincare products, experimenting with new technologies and new combinations of ingredients, while always respecting nature. We add natural fermenting agents to our ingredients, and let science take its course. Each ingredient ferments in different ways and times, making it a customised process for every product.
  4. Our fermented products use natural ingredients. We carefully choose oils and flowers known for their natural properties. For example, olive oil and camellia are the key ingredients of our moisturising formulas, while jasmine and angelica oil are the hero components of our face cleansing products. You can rest assured that none of our products contain animal products, silicones, parabens, GMOs or dyes. All fragrances are natural and developed with the help of expert perfumers.
  5. Natural skincare products can not only benefit your skin, but they benefit the environment too. Discover why using natural skincare products is more sustainable and can help reduce climate change. 

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What Fermented Skincare Products Does Florena Offer?

Florena’s full product range contains fermented ingredients, to make the very most of the natural ingredients used. Read more about some of our favourites below and discover for yourself the benefits of fermented skincare.

Antioxidant Night Cream

Containing fermented portaluca, fermented lactobacillus and fermented olive oil, use this night cream for nourished and younger looking skin.

Regenerating Facial Oil

With white helichrysum petals and fermented argan oil, this product can be used on its own or with your face mask or cream to create a personalised formula.

24 Hour Hydrating Day Cream

This moisturiser is enriched with fermented camellia sinensis and olive oil, making it easily absorbable for lasting hydration.


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