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What Is The Best Lip Oil For Dry Lips?

Do you know what lip oil is and what is the best lip oil for dry lips? Read our skincare expert advice on how to use it and discover Florena’s best lip oil.

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What Is Lip Oil?

You have definitely heard of lip gloss or lipstick, but have you heard of lip oil? Lip oil is exactly what it sounds like, a product with a high concentration of natural oils, designed to moisturise and plump your lips. 

As well as moisturising your lips in the winter months, the best lip oil will leave your lips with an amazing shine, similar to a lip gloss but with a much thinner, less sticky consistency, making it the perfect lip product for any occasion. 

What’s The Difference Between Lip Oil & Lip Balm?

Now you know what lip oil is, you might be wondering what the difference is between lip oil and balm. Lip balms usually contain wax or petroleum jelly and are amazing at moisturising our lips. They have a thicker formula than lip oils which sometimes leaves us feeling the need to often reapply.

The best lip oils are thinner in consistency and give longer lasting moisture, meaning we don’t feel the need to reapply often and our lips can stay hydrated all day. They leave your lips looking plump and naturally glossy.

Read on to discover some of the benefits of the best lip oil.


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4 Incredible Benefits Of Lip Oil

Lip oils can be used for practically any occasion and the best lip oils have some amazing benefits at the same time. 


  • Natural Ingredients: Lip oils typically use natural ingredients, such as natural olive oil or natural safflower oil to hydrate your lips, providing extra nourishment.
  • Less Sticky: Lip oils are a much thinner, smoother consistency than lip gloss or lip balms, meaning they glide onto your lips easily, making them look extra plump.
  • Relieve Dry Lips: The best lip oil will ensure your lips are never dry, cracked or sore, especially in the winter months.
  • Extra Shine: Lip oils can be used over bare lips, or on top of matte lipstick in the place of lip gloss to provide added shine


Now you know some of the benefits of lip oils, read on to discover how to use it and what makes the best lip oil for dry lips. 


How To Use Lip Oil

Lip oil can be used as often as you like, whenever needed, day or night! Follow these three simple steps on how to use lip oil. 


Using a lip scrub, apply in small circular motions using gentle pressure to exfoliate your lips so they’re smooth and prepped.


Using the applicator, swipe the lip oil evenly all over your lips.


Blend your lips together by closing and moving your lips from side to side - and you’re done!

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What Ingredients To Look For In The Best Lip Oil

When choosing the best lip oil for dry lips, you want to ensure you are looking for products that have natural, hydrating ingredients so that they are soothing and sensitive on your lips.

Pink Helichrysum Petals: Studies have shown that the helichrysum plant has the ability to promote healing, fight infection and reduce inflammation. This means it’s a great ingredient to use on dry skin to help soothe it.

Safflower Oil: One of the main benefits of safflower oil is that it’s soothing and moisturising for dry skin. It contains vitamin E, which has the ability to lock in moisture, perfect for dry skin, meaning it’s an amazing ingredient for a lip oil!

Discover below what the best lip oil for dry lips is.


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Florena’s Best Lip Oil For Dry Lips

Here at Florena we are proud to use 100% natural ingredients in our lip care products to ensure your skin gets the best care it deserves. We also use fermented ingredients in all of our skincare products which means the ingredients are broken down into a simpler substance, meaning they become more concentrated, allowing the skin to more readily accept and absorb them.

At Florena we are also committed to sustainable skincare. We take a green approach in our choice of raw materials and the development of our skincare formulas to ensure our products are kind to your skin and the environment. Our products are sold in jars that use 6 times less plastic than standard jars on the market, use a minimum of 70% recycled paper in our packaging and ensure all of our jars, bottles and boxes are 100% recyclable.

Florena’s Natural Gloss Lip Oil is the best lip oil for dry lips because as well as being sustainable, natural and cruelty free, it contains fermented safflower oil which has many benefits for the skin, as well as pink helichrysum petals which are amazing ingredients for a lip oil.