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Camellia for Skin

Below we’ll take a closer look at camellia flowers and what makes it so special, before exploring the many benefits of camellia for skin.

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What is a camellia flower?

The camellia japonica flower is a beauty secret of the Japanese Geishas for centuries. And few plants have as rich and compelling a history as the camellia flower: the camelia has been cultivated in the gardens of China, Japan and Korea for thousands of years, and it is now found in all of the mild, temperate regions in the world.

The camellia flower can be used to improve the texture and appearance of the skin, and it can be applied to the face, hair, scalp and body. This can either be through extracting oil from the flowers, or by using the fermentation process - which is what we use at Florena.


There are three types of camellia flowers: the camellia oleifera, camellia sinesis and camellia japonica. At Florena, in some of our natural face creams and natural face masks we use fermented Camellia Sinensis. Camellias are colourful, evergreen shrubs which are native to eastern and southern Asia. Brought to Europe by ship in the 18th century, flowering camellias became known as ‘Camellia’ in honour of Georg Joseph Kamel, a Jesuit missionary and apothecary.

Camellia flowers

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Camellia Skin Benefits

There are a wide variety of camellia sinensis and camellia japonica skin benefits, from being rich in healthy vitamins, to being a natural antioxidant. See below the camellia skin benefits and how it will leave your skin feeling hydrated, smooth and glowing.

Camellia Skin Benefits

1. Source of Antioxidants

Research has shown that the camellia flower is an incredible source of naturally-occurring antioxidants for skin. This is because it is a rich source of polyphenols - organic compounds which have both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

As a natural antioxidant, polyphenols can safeguard your skin from the damaging effects of free radicals and UV light. Also, the anti-inflammatory properties mean that camellia is effective at soothing inflamed, acne-prone skin.

Camellia Skin Benefits

2. Rich in Vitamins

Camellia is rich in vitamins A, D and E. Vitamin A encourages the production of healthy skin cells. Vitamin D supports the repair of new cells and vitamin E helps your skin retain moisture, which makes it sofer, smoother and less prone to fine lines, wrinkles under the eyes and forehead wrinkles.

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Camellia Skin Benefits

3. Source of Omega Fatty Acids

It is also a source of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. Oleic acid (omega-9 fatty acid) is a moisturising compound that absorbs free radicals, which means that camellia has fantastic anti-ageing qualities.

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Camellia Skin Benefits

4. It is a Natural Skincare Ingredient

By using products which are made up of more than 99% natural ingredients like fermented camellia petals, you’ll also avoid being exposed to the chemicals and compounds in synthetic skin care products that can irritate the skin - which is great news for both your skin, the environment and sustainability.

Our camellia flower product range

These are some of the products in our range which use camellia oil and/or fermented camellia sinensis:
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Florena products with fermented camellia

  • Florena 24H Nourishing Night Cream provides long-lasting nourishment throughout the night so you can awake to naturally soft, velvety skin. The rich formula contains 99.47% ingredients of natural origin, including fermented camellia and fermented olive oil for skin.
  • Florena 24h Hydrating Face Mask offers your skin a concentrated burst of hydration and rich pampering for soft, smooth skin. The intensely hydrating formula contains 99.47% ingredients of natural origin, including olive oil and camellia sinensis as two powerful fermented skincare ingredients.
  • Florena 24H Hydrating Cream provides long-lasting moisture that makes your skin noticeably softer and smoother, keeping it hydrated throughout the day. The light, but nourishing, formula contains 99.47% ingredients of natural origin, including fermented camellia and fermented olive oil.

There are numerous benefits of fermented skincare that all of our wonderful products provide with their natural and vegan formulas. The process of fermentation we use also helps to boost the antioxidant action and efficacy of the ingredients, delivering beautifying results for your skin.

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