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What is Cruelty Free Skincare?

Wondering what cruelty-free skincare is? Learn more about cruelty free skincare and its benefits here.

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Cruelty Free Skincare

For many, ‘cruelty free skincare’ may be an alien concept. What makes skincare products cruelty-free or otherwise? The factor that makes a skincare product cruelty free or not is whether animal testing was a part of the production process, and also whether ingredients taken from animals are used in the product. 

There are alternative methods to animal testing to ensure skincare products are safe, and natural ingredients that can be used to create skincare products that do not involve animal derived ingredients.

In this article we’ll explore what cruelty free skincare is, the benefits of cruelty free beauty products.


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What is Cruelty Free Skincare?

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Some skincare and cosmetic companies test their products on animals to make sure they’re safe for humans to use, but of course, this can be distressing and painful for the animals being tested on. 

That’s why at Florena, we believe animal testing isn’t needed to prove the safety and effectiveness of our fermented skincare products. This is why we avoid all animal testing for our products. Through extensive research and development, we’ve been able to use alternative test methods to ensure our products are safe for people to use.


Animal testing for cosmetic products (which includes skincare) has also been completely banned in the EU since 2004 due to the cruelty towards those animals. Since then, it’s also been banned when producing the ingredients of these cosmetic products since 2013, which the UK is committed to following.

Our range of products which include creams, masks, makeup removers, facial oils, and moisturisers do not contain any animal derived ingredients, have vegan formulas and were not tested on animals at any point.

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Benefits of Cruelty-Free Skincare

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Animal Friendly

The most obvious benefit of cruelty-free skincare is that you’ll be sure you’re not having a negative effect on animals and the environment when caring for your skin. Enjoy a guilt-free skincare experience.

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It can be kinder for your skin

Aside from ethical reasons, cruelty-free skincare can be better for your skin. Cruelty-free beauty products, such as a cruelty free moisturiser, tend to use more natural ingredients (but make sure you check the ingredients) which can be kinder to your skin as they don’t contain harsh ingredients which are often found in synthetic skincare products. 

Our moisturiser’s for example, uses fermented camellia flowers and fermented olive oil - this means 99.47% of the ingredients are of natural origin, with only 0.53% ingredients that are essential for preservation and safety.

Florena's Commitment to No Animal Testing

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At Florena, a core part of our values is dedicated to sustainability and committed to vegan formulas and no animals testing. As our formulas are all vegan, this means that no ingredients taken from animals are present and no animal testing was done. We are also COSMOS certified, which ensures that no ingredients in our skincare products have been tested on animals. We also carefully choose natural ingredients that include oils and flowers which are transformed and enhanced by the fermentation process.

On top of this, excluding caps we use 97.5%* recycled plastic, our jars and bottles are recyclable** and we include 70% recycled paper in our packaging, ensuring that any waste from our products has a minimal impact on our environment and its habitants. 

*Excluding caps
**Recycled in the correct bin