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Ethical Skincare

Learn all about ethical skincare, and find out what makes Florena an ethical skincare brand.

Ethical Skincare

Our dedication to providing ethical skincare at Florena is an integral part of our identity and core values. We treat the environment with the respect that it deserves and ensure that animals play no part in the production of our skincare products.

Find out more about ethical skincare and how it can benefit your skin, and discover our wide range of ethical skincare products.

What is ethical skincare?

‘Ethical skincare’ is broader in scope than most skincare terms, such as natural skincare: it encompasses a number of moral issues and industry practices.

Ethical skincare brands make appropriate use of natural & vegan-friendly ingredients and ensure that those ingredients are being sourced in a sustainable, responsible and environmentally-friendly way. Ethical skincare also involves being open and honest with our customers - and treating our employees and suppliers with respect.

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How Florena practices ethical skincare

Our position on animal testing

We are opposed to the practice of animal testing. We believe that testing skincare products on animals is cruel and unnecessary, and we hope to inspire others to follow in our footsteps and join the ethical skincare brands who have decided that enough is enough.

Our products are certified by the COSMOS-NATURAL standard. This is a European-wide standard which requires that none of the ingredients used in a product were tested on animals.

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We use 99.46% natural ingredients

We carefully select natural ingredients which are recognised for their beneficial properties. Our vegan formulas all use at least 99.46% ingredients of natural origin, certified COSMOS NATURAL by The Soil Association.

This standard ensures that a product is made of ingredients that have been naturally-sourced and that, with the exception of a few permitted synthetic ingredients for safety and stability, no more than 0.53% of the ingredients used in a Florena Fermented Skincare product are synthetic.

Our Florena Regenerating Facial Oil, for example, uses 100% natural ingredients to regenerate tired and dull skin. It combines white helichrysum petals, which are renowned for their antioxidant properties, and fermented argan oil, which is widely regarded for its ability to nourish and moisturise the skin.

Using natural ingredients is a critical component of practising ethical skincare, as it benefits the environment in a number of ways. Using ingredients that have come from natural sources means that we avoid the industrial extraction techniques that are used to isolate synthetic ingredients, which helps us achieve our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

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A commitment to sustainability

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We are committed to following the principles of green chemistry when creating our eco-friendly and ethical skincare products. An example being our eco-friendly makeup remover range, using ingredients of a natural origin. Green chemistry means using materials that have come from sources which are both renewable and sustainable. It also means avoiding, where possible, the need for chemical processing.

We make great efforts to work with those who share our passion for ethical skincare.

As part of our drive to cut down on plastic waste, we have chosen to use 97.5% recycled plastic* in our jars and at least 70% recycled paper in the packaging of our other products. We have also worked to make our jars as lightweight as possible to reduce not only the amount of plastic we use but also the transportation weight to minimise our C02 footprint.

Reducing plastic pollution is wonderful for the environment: it means extracting fewer raw materials, which cuts both our CO2 emissions and energy usage. It also minimises the hazards posed to sea creatures by plastic objects.

*excluding caps