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Helichrysum flower and it’s skincare benefits

Helichrysum has stood the test of time and continues to be popularly used for its array of skin benefits. Find out what helichrysum is, why it’s a must have in everyone's skincare routine and the Florena products available for you to try the skincare magic for yourself.

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What is helichrysum?

Helichrysum is a flowering plant, called Helichrysum Italicu, meaning ‘immortalle’. The shrub-like plant typically found in the Medierranean and it’s name is rumoured to have originated from the dry conditions the plant grows in.

Still in popular use today, the Helichrysum flower also has a rich history to match it’s aroma. For centuries, the oil from the flower has been used for medicinal purposes to heal wounds and treat coughs due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. 

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6 Helichrysum benefits for skin

Helichrysum flower has been known to have many uses and benefits, from preventing infection to easing stress and helping digestion, but one of the most common uses over the years has been for it’s skin benefits. To name but a few:

  1. Helichrysum is great for anti-ageing: Helichrysum is widely used for anti-aging purposes because of its antioxidant properties which promote skin cell growth and regeneration, helping to keep the skin nourished and youthful.
  2. Helichrysum supports collagen and elastin: The oil from helichrysum protects the skin’s collagen, the main protein component of our skin, and elastin, which helps skin retain its elasticity. It does this by inhibiting activity which degrades the protein needed.
  3. Helichrysum helps to firm skin: When our skin is well-nourished with collagen and elastin proteins, it becomes naturally smooth, firm, and supple. The results; younger looking skin, less fine lines and fewer wrinkles under the eyes!
  4. Helichrysum soothes and reduces inflammation of the skin: Treating skin inflammation is a long-standing traditional use of the oil which is produced from helichrysum and it’s the unique compounds within the oil; terpene and flavonoids, which encourage skin healing and soothe irritation.
  5. Helichrysum fights acne & reduces breakouts: Along with helichrysum oil’s anti-inflammatory properties, its antibacterial properties make it perfect for fighting acne and reducing breakouts.
  6. Helichrysum reduces the appearance of scars & blemishes: Helichrysum essential oil is an all-natural and highly effective way to reduce the appearance of scarring. Along with its antibacterial properties to prevent infection, the regenerative compounds speed up healing of wounds, burns and rashes - as well as promoting healthy new skin in its place.

Our products with helichrysum flower petals

With its widely popular skin benefits, it would be unforgiving of us to keep all the helichrysum goodness to ourselves, so don’t worry, we’ve got two gorgeous skincare oils available which include the petals from helichrysum! Our Illuminating Elixir Oil and Regenerating Elixir Oil do just what they say on the tin (or 100% recycled jar in our case) and can be used alone or in combination with our natural moisturisers or natural masks to create personalised skincare products. Why not give one a try and discover for yourself the skin benefits of helichrysum flowers.
illuminating face oil

Illuminating Facial Oil

Containing pink helichrysum flower petals and fermented safflower oil, this blended oil will give your skin the radiance boost it needs and leave your skin soft and glowy throughout the day. The natural ingredients have been enhanced by the process of fermentation which helps to boost their antioxidant action and efficacy.

regenerating oil

Regenerating Facial Oil

Our white helichrysum flower petals and fermented argan oil make the perfect blend for tired and dull skin. Use a couple of drops as part of your daily natural skincare routine to nourish and rejuvenate the skin. The ingredients have also been enriched by fermentation, so you can enjoy the full benefits of fermented skincare.