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Helichrysum oil and it’s benefits for skin

"Helichrysum has stood the test of time and continues to be popularly used for its array of skin benefits. Find out what helichrysum is, the amazing helichrysum skin benefits and the Florena products available for you to try the skincare magic for yourself. "

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What is helichrysum oil?

Helichrysum is a flowering plant, called Helichrysum Italicu, meaning ‘immortalle’. The shrub-like plant typically found in the Mediterranean and it’s name is rumoured to have originated from the dry conditions the plant grows in. 

Still in popular use today, Helichrysum oil also has a rich history to match it’s aroma. It contains several antioxidants and for centuries, the oil from the flower has been used for medicinal purposes to heal wounds and treat coughs due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. 

Helichrysum oil also provides your skin with significant immune support and provides skin cells the essential vitamins needed to regenerate properly.

6 Amazing Helichrysum Skin benefits

Helichrysum oil has been known to have many uses and benefits, from preventing infection to easing stress and helping digestion, but one of the most common uses over the years has been for it’s skin benefits. To name but a few:

1. Helichrysum oil is great for anti-ageing: Helichrysum is widely used for anti-aging purposes because of its antioxidant properties which promote skin cell growth and regeneration, helping to keep the skin nourished and youthful. Helichrysum for skin can be used in skincare products such as Florena facial oils to promote anti ageing. 


2. Helichrysum oil supports collagen and elastin: The oil from helichrysum protects the skin’s collagen, the main protein component of our skin, and elastin, which helps skin retain its elasticity. It does this by inhibiting activity which degrades the protein needed. This keeps our skin looking and feeling younger.


3. Helichrysum oil helps to firm skin: When our skin is well-nourished with collagen and elastin proteins, it becomes naturally smooth, firm, and supple. The results; younger looking skin and less wrinkles!

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4. Helichrysum oil soothes and reduces inflammation of the skin: Treating skin inflammation is a long-standing traditional use of the oil which is produced from helichrysum and it’s the unique compounds within the oil; terpene and flavonoids, which encourage skin healing and soothe irritation. 


5. Helichrysum oil reduces breakouts: Along with helichrysum oil’s anti-inflammatory properties, its antibacterial properties make it perfect for reducing breakouts.


6. Helichrysum oil reduces the appearance of scars & blemishes: Helichrysum essential oil is an all-natural and highly effective way to reduce the appearance of scarring. Along with its antibacterial properties to prevent infection, the regenerative compounds speed up healing of wounds, burns and rashes - as well as promoting healthy new skin in its place.


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How to apply helichrysum oil for skin

Now you know the amazing benefits of helichrysum oil for skin, you might be wondering how to apply it! Helichrysum oil is versatile and can be inhaled or applied topically.

To inhale helichrysum oil, place a few drops in a diffuser to disperse the scent around your bedroom or home, leaving a calming scent throughout your house. It’s also possible to place a few drops in hot water and breathe in the scent.

Applying helichrysum oil topically is easy with Florena products as we have included the oil in both of our facial oils and in our lip oil, meaning helichrysum skin benefits are easy to access. 

  • With our facial oils, place 1 or 2 drops in the palm of your hand and mix with our Hydrating Day Cream to create your own personalised skincare product
  • To apply our lip oil, swipe it evenly all over your lips and blend your lips together to disperse the product. The result; amazingly glossy lips.

After discovering the incredible benefits of helichrysum oil for skin and the best ways to apply it, find out below all of Florena’s products which contain the magical oil.


Florena’s products containing Helichrysum petals

With its widely popular skin benefits, it would be unforgiving of us to keep all the helichrysum goodness to ourselves, so don’t worry, we’ve got two gorgeous skincare oils and an amazing lip oil available which include the petals from helichrysum! 

Our Illuminating Oil and Regenerating Oil do just what they say on the tin (or 100% recycled jar in our case) and can be used alone or in combination with our natural creams or masks

Illuminating Facial Oil
Containing pink helichrysum flower petals and fermented safflower oil, this blended oil will give your skin the radiance boost it needs and leave your skin soft and glowy throughout the day.  

Regenerating Facial Oil 
Our white helichrysum flower petals and fermented argan oil make the perfect blend for tired and dull skin. Use a couple of drops as part of your daily skincare routine to nourish and rejuvenate the skin.

Our Natural Gloss Lip Oil can be used in combination with our Hydration Lip Butter to give you the perfect pout. Why not give one a try and discover for yourself the skin benefits of helichrysum flowers.

Natural Gloss Lip Oil

This 100% natural formula containing pink helichrysum petals and fermented safflower oil is rich in antioxidants helping to hydrate and replenish your lips.