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How to Apply Day Cream On Your Face

You’ve done your research and have found the best face cream for your skin, but just as important is knowing how to correctly apply day cream on face.

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Learn How to Apply Day Cream On Your Face

Applying day cream correctly is important to optimise the results of the cream. Improper application can lead to your skin not absorbing the nourishing ingredients properly, and essentially, wastage. Nobody wants to waste a good product, everyone wants to enjoy the full benefits for their skin! So make sure you are applying your day cream on face the right way.

Step 1: Prepare Your Face

Much like you wouldn’t start preparing a delicious meal on a dirty work surface, you shouldn’t apply a pampering natural moisturiser (or any moisturiser!) to a dirty face. This is because a face that is clinging on to impurities, makeup or dead skin cells is not yet ready to absorb the nourishing ingredients of a day cream. If dirt is clogging your pores, how do you expect the day cream to get through? Therefore, the essential first step in your skin care routine is a good cleanse.

Using an effective natural cleanser such as Florena Cleansing Bar that contains 100% ingredients of natural origin, including fermented jasmine and angelica oil, will help to deeply cleanse skin, removing impurities. This will help to gently remove all traces of dirt and prepare your skin to absorb the nurturing ingredients of your day cream.

Learning how to cleanse your face properly is the basis for any skin care routine.

Step 2: Using the Right Amount of Cream

This is a very simple step, but is worth mentioning because you don’t want to get it wrong. Too little day cream and it could spread too thinly across your face, not perform to its potential and leave your skin feeling tight and dry. Too much, however, and it could start to feel a little thick on your face, not to mention it’s wasting precious cream, and we don’t like waste at Florena!

The right amount varies from product to product as some day creams are thicker than others, and therefore require less and vice versa for lighter creams. It is usually best to start sparingly to avoid waste, use an amount roughly the size of a 5 pence coin that evenly covers the tip of your index finger. 

Once you have completed step 3 (the application), if your face still feels somewhat tight and dry, just repeat the process again. Likewise if once you have completed step 3 and your face feels a bit thick and oily, and there is still residue on your hands, you have probably used too much cream. The good news is the more you use your day cream, the more in tune with it you will become and you will quickly learn what is a good amount for your skin.


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Step 3: Applying Your Day Cream on Face

The best way to apply day cream to your face is by a gentle massage. Massaging the skin is a beauty gesture in itself, but it also brings several benefits: it helps reactivate blood and lymphatic circulation, instantly improves the complexion and gives a younger and more toned appearance. 

With the day cream on the tip of your finger, lightly dot it evenly all over the areas of your face (forehead, nose, cheekbones, cheeks, chin). This will ensure your entire face gets its nourishment. Then begin massaging in your day cream as such:

  • For the upper part of the face, massage the skin by moving the fingers from the bottom upwards, that is, from the eyebrows towards the forehead and the hairline.
  • The same goes for the neck and décolleté: the direction to follow is the one that goes from the bottom to the top, as if to ideally oppose the force of gravity that keeps us firmly anchored to the ground.
  • These movements follow the so-called Langer Lines, studied by the Austrian anatomist Karl Langer in the 19th century, also called tension lines. These are guidelines, identified on the whole body, not only on the face, which indicate which side the skin naturally tends to "pull".
  • The intensity of the massage should differ according to the condition of your skin: a "heavy" hand is not suitable if the skin is particularly sensitive, thin or fragile. Learn to listen to your skin, the most pleasant touch is certainly the most suitable!

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Don’t Forget to Use the Best Natural Day Cream

Learning how to apply day cream on face is an essential part of looking after your skin, but you also want to make sure you are using the best day cream for maximum benefit. Firstly, make sure that you don't use a night cream instead of a day cream - as there are differences between day and night cream.

Using a day cream that contains powerful natural ingredients that will help to nurture skin and boost your radiance is a great way to look after your skin. Florena 24H Hydrating Day Cream with fermented camellia and olive oil contains 99.47% of natural origin ingredients. Massaging this into your skin, using the above process, will help your skin to feel luxuriously soft and elegantly radiant every day.

For more of an anti-aging boost, try using our Florena Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream instead. Formulated with fermented honeysuckle and hyaluronic acid, containing 99.46% natural origin ingredients it will help to intensely moisturise skin whilst visibly reducing lines and wrinkles in just 2 weeks.

Following all of these steps above as part of your natural skin care routine will be sure to provide your skin with the nourishment it needs to accentuate the natural beauty in you.


Learn how to apply day cream by using Florena's day creams: