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How To Be More Sustainable

With protecting our environment and future generations at the forefront, the Earth’s population needs to know how to be more sustainable. If every person makes a small change, it can help to make a massive difference for our environment. Read our advice on how to be more sustainable, with our sustainable lifestyle tips and learn about Florena’s sustainable skincare.

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What is Sustainable Living?

The terms sustainability and sustainable living have become more and more popular in recent years, with people becoming more interested in reducing waste and helping the environment. To put it simply, ‘sustainable living’ refers to the reduction of our carbon footprint and means we prioritise the use of natural and renewable resources instead of creating excess waste. It’s about adopting a way of life and actions that will help to reduce climate change, global warming and resource depletion for future generations.


Why is Sustainable Living So Important?

The problem of resource extraction and waste production is bigger now than ever before. Our world cannot sustain these rates and the demands of our growing populations. Now we know what is sustainable living, let’s have a look at why it is so important.

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Reduced waste: To become more sustainable, reducing your waste is a huge part of it. According to the GOV. website, 222.2 millions tonnes of waste was created in the UK in 2018, with 50.8 million tonnes of this waste being disposed of at landfill. Much of this waste could have been recycled. As the waste in landfill sites breaks down, it releases large amounts of methane gas into the atmosphere, which is one of the most potent greenhouse gases and a huge contributor to climate change. Additionally, reducing waste can create less risk of harmful waste being released into our oceans and endangering our wildlife and ecosystems. 


Helping the next generation: Our current actions have huge impacts for future generations. If we continue to deplete natural resources on Earth and produce waste and pollution, future generations will also be depleted of resources and biodiversity will be affected. 


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Less pollution: Vehicles have a massive impact on the environment through their manufacturing process, their usage and eventually their disposal. Large amounts of C02 emissions are released into the atmosphere, adding to the greenhouse effect. As well as air pollutants the vehicle industry consumes large amounts of raw materials, adding to the waste issue. 


Save Money: Not only does sustainable living have positive benefits for the environment and future generations, it can also help us save money. Reducing your uses of water, heating and electricity will help your bills be lower too!


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6 Sustainable Lifestyle Tips

Now, you may be wondering how to be more sustainable. There are so many little changes that everyone can make in their daily life that can make a huge difference. Take a look below at our sustainable lifestyle tips. 


1. Reduce Plastic Usage


Plastic can take up to 450 years to decompose in landfill and every year thousands of animals such as birds, turtles, fish and seals are killed as a result of getting tangled in plastic nets and swallowing pieces of plastic. It is too easy these days to buy single use plastic such as bottles and straws which are just adding to plastic pollution in our environment and oceans.


A few sustainable lifestyle tips on how to use less plastic can be to reuse your shopping bags, stop using single use bottles and straws, and be mindful when buying products to ensure you choose products with reduced plastic such as all of our Florena products. We have chosen to use sustainable skincare packaging with 97.5% recycled plastic in our jars and have manufactured them to weigh more than six times less than standard jars, helping to significantly reduce our plastic usage and CO2 emissions. Reducing plastic usage can be a massive contributing factor on how to be more sustainable. 


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2. Pay attention to labels and support sustainable brands


There are sustainable and unsustainable versions of most products out there from clothes to skin care. When it comes to fashion, try to avoid fast fashion brands that produce large amounts of clothes for very small prices and choose to shop second hand or from small businesses when you can. Try to shop for organic and local food when you can and look out for labels that refer to the product accreditations in line with the specific environmental standards of an authority, for example the Soil Association.


Florena is a sustainable skincare brand certified by COSMOS Natural which encompasses a range of criteria beyond ingredients used, such as composition of total product, storage, manufacturing and packaging and environmental management.


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3. Buy sustainable skincare products

Buying sustainable skincare products is a great way to easily make a change to becoming more sustainable. Many skincare products that aren’t sustainable have harmful ingredients that can be irritating to the skin and damaging to the environment. Sustainable skincare ensures that we are meeting our beauty needs all while being kinder to our skin and the environment. Additionally, using products with sustainable skincare packaging can be extremely beneficial for reducing the plastic waste problem.


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5. Eat less meat and shop local

It’s estimated that it takes 660 gallons of water to produce one beef burger. Animal agriculture is one of the biggest contributing factors to climate change and is an influencing element for the world's increasing temperatures, species extinction, deforestation, and water quality. The meat and dairy industry contributes heavily to the increases in greenhouse gas emissions which are contributing to climate change. It is also estimated that to feed the world's population in 2050, there will need to be a 70% increase in food production which will negatively impact our environment. If everyone is able to cut down on meat consumption, this would be a step in the right direction. 

5. Monitor household energy use

Another sustainable lifestyle tip on how to be more sustainable is to monitor household energy usage. According to the GOV. website, fossil fuels are still the source of the majority of the UKs household energy, making up 43%, with renewable energy making up 38.9% in 2019. Fossil fuels are massively unsustainable for our planet as when they are burned they produce greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide that are released into the atmosphere, adding to climate change. Additionally, fossil fuels are in limited supply and we don’t know exactly how much we have left.

However, it is estimated that if we keep burning fossil fuels at the rate we are, we will only have enough left for 45 years. This will hugely impact future generations if we don’t come up with a solution. Luckily, the use of renewable energy is gradually increasing, but some sustainable lifestyle tips for reducing your energy consumption are investing in double glazing, washing your clothes on a low temperature, hanging clothes to dry on the line, replacing your light bulbs to energy saving ones, turning off appliances when not in use and taking shorter showers. 

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6. Use less water

Finally, a great tip on how to be more sustainable is to use less water. Not only are we notorious for buying bottled water, which is contributing to the unnecessary production of plastic, even though our tap water is just as good and free! As our population grows, it’s becoming more and more difficult to provide enough water for the nation without facing droughts. This is only going to get worse for future generations if we don’t change our ways by taking shorter showers and drinking from the tap. 

Now you know what is sustainable living and how to be more sustainable with our sustainable lifestyle tips, let’s take a look at sustainable skincare with Florena.

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Sustainable Skincare with Florena

Here at Florena we commit to sustainable skincare. We take pride in our commitment to reducing plastic pollution. 

We have chosen to use 97.5% recycled plastic in our jars and at least 70% recycled paper in the packaging of our other products. These materials can themselves be recycled.

Our range of creams contain the standard amount sold on the market - 50ml. However, the jars in which they are sold weigh just 7g, more than six times less than standard jars. We commit to sustainable skincare packaging and by manufacturing smaller, lighter jars has helped significantly reduce our plastic usage and CO2 emissions.

Additionally, we refrain from using aluminium seals, our manufacturing and sustainable skincare packaging process reduces CO2 emissions by 75% and all of our products are vegan and cruelty free