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How to Remove Makeup Properly

Properly removing your makeup is essential to looking after your skin. Here are our top tips on the best way to remove makeup, how to remove makeup without soap & the best way to remove eye makeup naturally.

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8 Tips for the Best Way to Remove Makeup

Want to know the best way to remove makeup? Here are some of our top tips to make the process as effortless and effective as possible. We’ve also included extra information on how to remove makeup without soap and the best way to remove eye makeup naturally.

1. Take Your Time and be Mindful

We all have busy schedules nowadays which can lead us to rushing what we perceive to be small tasks to just get them done. Nonetheless we recommend going slow and being mindful in the process of removing your makeup for two main reasons. 

The first is that you want to make sure you are being thorough, as leaving makeup on your face as you sleep can damage your precious skin. 

The second is that all skincare is the perfect opportunity to take a bit of “me time.” Be present in the moment you are cleansing to decompress and be soothed by the nourishing ingredients of your cleanser or the warm water on your face. If you’ve had a particularly challenging day, you can take this one step further by visualising the removal of your makeup as you wash the stress of your day away.

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2. Use Lukewarm Water & a Soap Free Cleanser for a Deeper Cleanse

There are several methods of how to remove makeup, whether that is simply using a cleanser or giving your face a full wash. Whilst cleansers can effectively remove and dissolve makeup, a deep face wash will probably be the best way to remove makeup. If you have been wearing heavy makeup, it will be best to properly wash your face.

Run a sink full of lukewarm water, too hot can cause irritation and damage to your skin. Lukewarm is that perfect balance of comfort and gentleness. Splash the water over your face or carefully dip your face into the water for a few seconds. Work your face wash between your hands until you get a rich lather before applying it to your face and rinsing off. For how to remove makeup without soap, use our Florena Cleansing Bar as it is made from 100% ingredients of natural origin and is soap free.

3. Steam Your Face Beforehand for Extra Care

We’ve already said that you can take advantage of the makeup removal process to decompress and indulge yourself. If you want to take this further, consider steaming your face beforehand. Steaming is fantastic as part of the best way to remove makeup as it opens up your pores, preparing them for a cleanse and to absorb nourishing natural ingredients. Steaming also helps to make your makeup easier to remove.

To steam your face, run a sink of steaming hot water and hold your face over it whilst inhaling the hot air, immersing yourself in the experience. Be cautious not to get the hot water on your skin, as that can be potentially painful and cause irritation. To heighten your senses even more and get that at-home-spa feel, add 1 or 2 drops of an essential oil to the water - lavender is particularly lovely.

4. Be Gentle

Our skin is very precious and can be more delicate than we think. Tugging and scrubbing it vigorously whilst removing makeup may seem like a good idea, but this can leave skin feeling irritated and tight.

The best way to remove makeup gently is to massage your skin, letting your cleanser do the hard work of dissolving the makeup and stripping dirt from your skin. A gentle massage is far more pleasant and will help to stimulate blood flow to your skin which can also increase cell turnover, keeping your skin happy and healthy.

5. Tie Your Hair Back

Tying your hair back serves 2 purposes when removing your makeup. Firstly, it keeps it in position out of your face, or sink, meaning it won’t interfere and you won’t get your cleanser on it. Secondly, is that it allows you to remove makeup from all the edges of your face and forehead around your hairline much more easily.

We recommend tying your hair in a bun on top of your head, that way it will better stay in place out of the way and not flop forward into the sink when you lean over.


6. Use a Gentle Cleanser that Will Nourish Skin

Improperly cleansing your face or using a cleanser that contains harsh ingredients can strip skin of its natural oils, leaving it feeling dry and tight. Florena Milky Cleanser effectively removes daily makeup whilst the powerful fermented ingredients soften and hydrate skin. 

For best results, massage your cleanser onto your face using a microfiber pad or cloth before wiping or rinsing it off.

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7. Finish Removing Your Makeup by Toning

Toning your face is essential to wick away any final remaining traces of makeup and dirt after you have finished removing your makeup. Toners also help to refresh skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple.

Florena Natural Cleansing Tonic contains 99.59% ingredients of natural origin, including fermented jasmin and fermented angelica oil, to expertly cleanse, care for and refresh skin. For best results use after our Milky Cleanser and massage gently onto your face using a reusable microfiber pad or cloth.

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8. Always Apply a Moisturiser at the End

The last, but certainly not least important, step in how to remove makeup is to apply a pampering natural moisturiser. Most often after you have removed your makeup the day is near its end and you are preparing for bed, in which case you should apply a night cream that will nourish your skin throughout the night as you sleep.

Florena Nourishing Night Cream with 99.47% ingredients of natural origin, including fermented camellia and fermented olive oil, will provide intense overnight moisture for skin so you can awake to refreshed and replenished skin.

Florena Antioxidant Night Cream with 99.47% ingredients of natural origin, including fermented portulaca, fermented olive oil and fermented lactobacillus, will keep skin hydrated overnight whilst providing it with a burst of antioxidants to restore its natural radiance.

How to Remove Makeup Without Soap

Soap can sometimes cause irritation and discomfort for skin, so it is not always ideal to use to remove makeup. Luckily all of our Florena natural cleansing products are completely soap free, so you can use them to remove makeup without soap. 

Not only that, they also contain natural ingredients that have undergone the process of fermentation to boost their efficacy and antioxidant action. We also use vegan formulas and recycled packaging (that is also recyclable) to ensure we are providing sustainable skincare.

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How to Get Rid of Eye Makeup

If there’s one area of how to remove makeup that can be a little tricky it is the best way to remove eye makeup naturally. You can do this using a variety of natural ingredients and DIY recipes that include things such as coconut oil, honey and cucumber. Coconut oil is particularly favourable as it helps to dissolve makeup and you can easily apply it to a reusable pad or cloth.

For the best way to remove eye makeup naturally though, why not consider using our natural makeup remover that is the Florena Milky Cleanser? Our Milky Cleanser contains 99.47% ingredients of natural origin, including fermented jasmin and fermented angelica oil, to effectively remove eye makeup and nurture skin.

To get rid of eye makeup, apply your cleanser to a microfibre pad or cloth, close one eye and gently massage the makeup off - letting the cleanser dissolve the makeup. Make sure to keep your eye shut and raise your eyebrows in the process for thorough results and to avoid getting any product in your eye. If you can, also try to gently hold your eyelid down with your spare hand.

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How to Remove Makeup with Florena

Hopefully you now know the best way to remove makeup, how to remove makeup without soap and how to remove eye makeup naturally. Learning how to remove makeup is an essential part of any natural skincare routine as leaving makeup on for too long, or overnight, can be detrimental to our skin health. Explore more of our products below that help to remove makeup or learn more about the benefits of fermented skincare to look after your skin.