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How To Use Face Toner

Many of us might not know exactly what is toner for face and how to include it in your skincare routine. Read on to discover how to use face toner and what skin toner to use.

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What Is Toner For Face?

Facial toner is designed to be the in between step, meant to be used after you cleanse your face and before moisturiser. Toners look and act like water, but contain so many important ingredients to help our skin look and feel the best it can be. 

Today, toners are an essential step in your morning and night routines. However many people don’t actually know what a toner is or how to use face toner. Now there is a toner for every skin type and they can help make a big difference to your skincare routine

Take a look below at what toners do and how to use face toner.

What Do Toners Do?

So, we know what a toner is, but what do toners actually do?


Removes Impurities
We know how great double cleansing can be. Toners can be an additional step to this, helping the removal of any last traces of dirt and makeup left on the skin that might have been missed when cleansing. Face toner is especially beneficial for people with oily skin as it's perfect for removing extra oil that has built up throughout the day.

Tightens the Appearance of Pores
Toner added to your skincare routine can have amazing results for tightening the appearance of your pores. The additional cleansing step means there is less chance of your pores becoming clogged and causing breakouts.


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Restores pH Balance 
Your skin is naturally quite acidic, with a pH of around 4.5-5.5. Certain factors such as pollution, oil production, makeup and alcohol can cause it to be thrown off. If your skin's pH becomes too alkaline, this can lead to flaking and dry skin, and if it becomes too acidic, this can lead to inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and acne. If you believe you have any of these skin conditions, please consult a doctor or dermatologist. Toner is an amazing product for restoring the balance of your skin's pH, meaning your skin stays healthy and radiant.

Prepares Your Skin 
As toners remove all last remaining impurities, they ensure a clean base for the rest of your products. If your skin is too dry, products can tend to sit on top without actually penetrating into the skin, so using a toner allows your skin to absorb all the moisture from Florena’s 24H Hydrating Day Cream.

Now we know what is toner for face, let’s take a look at how to use face toner and when to use toner in skincare routine.


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How To Use Face Toner

Now the important part, how to use face toner. Use these 3 easy steps and you will never go wrong.

  1. Cleanse your face with your favourite cleanser, Florena’s Milky Cleanser.
  2. Soak a cotton pad in Florena’s Cleansing Tonic.
  3. Gently massage the product into your skin, working from the middle of your face outwards, avoiding sensitive areas such as your eyes. 

Wondering when to use toner in skincare routine? As mentioned, face toners are an in between step, used for extra cleansing and can be added to both your morning and evening skincare routine. They usually come after cleansing and before moisturiser. Take a look at our best skincare routine order advice to find out the best step for toner. 

Now you know how to use face toner, take a look at what skin toner to use and what beneficial ingredients are in Florena’s Cleansing Tonic. 

What Skin Toner To Use

Choosing a toner for your skin is heavily dependent on what your skin type is and it’s difficult to know what skin toner to use. Florena’s Cleansing Tonic is suitable for all skin types and includes natural ingredients, which are usually much more gentle on the skin. However, some good common ingredients include:

Oily skin: Olive oil, witch hazel and jojoba oil
Dry skin: Argan oil and Hyaluronic acid
Sensitive Skin: Shea butter and aloe vera 

Here at Florena, we believe in natural skincare. Florenas Cleansing Tonic has 99.59% ingredients from natural origin and is enriched with fermented angelica oil and fermented jasmine. The unique process of fermentation is a natural way of breaking down a substance into a simpler substance, making it more powerful with the important ingredients becoming more concentrated.

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Florena’s Cleansing Tonic includes:

Fermented angelica oil: known for its purifying benefits and making the skin look radiant and revitalised.


Fermented jasmine: known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, giving the skin a soft and smooth skin feeling. 


Use our tips on how to use face toner to apply Florena’s Cleansing Tonic properly. Our cleansing tonic is designed for all skin types and will gently but effectively remove any last traces of dirt and impurities, prepping your skin for your favourite moisturiser, Florena 24H Hydrating Day Cream.