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How to Wash Your Face Properly

Washing your face is an important step in your daily skincare routine to keep your skin clean and healthy. Below, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to wash your face properly - including preparation, and the benefits it provides.

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How to Wash Your Face Properly: Preparation

Here’s everything you need to know before you begin to wash your face:

  • It’s crucial to wash your face every night to ensure proper cleansing and hydration. Ideally, you should wash your face in both your morning and evening routine to further keep your skin fresh and healthy. 
  • Use lukewarm water to wash your face. Many people believe that using hot water will dissolve makeup better and dilate pores in-depth, but in fact - hot water can cause widespread redness, dry skin and a dehydrated appearance. 
  • Make sure you’re using the right cleanser for your skin. Our Milky Cleanser acts as both a cleanser and a makeup remover, which makes it a perfect addition to your natural skincare routine to thoroughly remove any impurities. 
  • If you prefer to use a wash, make sure it’s gentle on your skin as washes or soaps can often be irritable on sensitive skin. Opt to use a natural wash like our Cleansing Bar which is soap free, but still provides you with all the benefits of cleaning your pores in a natural way.
  • Make sure your towel is fresh and clean. Towels are often contaminated by bacteria, so it’s essential to change it regularly. 

Once you’re all prepared, now it’s time to wash your face properly.


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How to Wash Your Face Properly: Step-by-Step Guide

Follow our easy guide on washing your face:


  1. Wet your face with a small amount of warm water.
  2. Apply a cleanser to your fingertips (or a washable microfibre pad or flannel). 
  3. Start to gently massage your face in small and circular motions, this helps the cleanser clean every part of your face thoroughly. Avoid scrubbing your face as it can cause irritation and redness.
  4. Rinse your face with lukewarm water to remove the cleanser.
  5. Start to lightly pat your face dry with a clean towel - starting from the top and working gradually downwards. Vigorously rubbing your face after washing it can cause skin irritation. 

Repeat these steps within the first part of your morning and nighttime skincare routine order.

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Top tip: in the morning use our Cleansing Bar to wash your face and in the evening use our Milky Cleanser. This is because in the morning the Cleansing Bar will refresh and deeply cleanse skin, whereas in the evening the Milky Cleanser will gently remove daily dirt and makeup whilst cleansing and replenishing lost moisture.

The benefits of washing your face at night

After a long day, it’s especially important to wash your face at night, as there are plenty of benefits for your skin. 

  • Washing your face at night helps to keep your skin clean by cleansing your skin of impurities. It washes away any dirt, dead skin cells and makeup - making your skin feel healthy and fresh. 
  • It promotes cell renewal which prevents under eye and forehead wrinkles and helps to keep your skin young and elastic.
  • Your skin will look and feel smooth and soft to touch.
  • It helps to provide a better application and absorption of your natural moisturiser

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