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What are the ingredients in fermented skincare products?

Fermented skincare products are loaded with enhanced ingredients - understand these ingredients and their benefits.

Florena's Fermentation Process

Fermented skincare products are the next big thing in terms of beauty innovations and that’s all because of the amazing effects fermented ingredients have for your skin.

Our fermentation process starts by adding natural microorganisms to our flowers and oils. Then the transformation begins, particles start to shrink and then we extract the powerful fermented actives.

Just think of yoghurt or sauerkraut - both of them are fermented foods whose beneficial bacteria promote a healthy gut function. In the same way, natural ingredients are fermented and used in skincare products to transfer those amazing antioxidant benefits to your skin


The benefits of fermented ingredients in skincare


The fermentation process neutralises any irritants. As a result, the end products are gentle enough for sensitive and dry skin. Basically, when fermenting key ingredients, their effectiveness is actually enhanced making fermented skincare products more potent than non-fermented ones. 

Fermentation creates powerful actives within your skincare. These are very helpful in retaining skin moisture, exfoliating and enhancing the youthful appearance of your skin. So if you’re interested in hydrating, minimising lines, reducing forehead wrinkles or those under the eyes, plumping and exfoliating your skin, consider adding fermented skincare products to your regimen. 

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Fermented Skincare Ingredients

Our fermented skincare ingredients

Some of the most common fermented skincare ingredients include yeast, fruit, plants, tea, herbs and milk (to name a few) and at Florena Fermented Skincare we are passionate about strictly using vegan skincare formulas for our products, composed of at least 99.46% of natural ingredients. 

To obtain our fermented floral active ingredients, we carefully select flowers with recognised cosmetic and beneficial properties such as camellia sinensis - known for its antioxidant properties, and jasmine - long recognised for its moisturising and emollient properties. In addition, we use natural active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and lactobacillus - known for its ability to visibly improve hydration, elasticity and radiance whilst also decreasing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Our active ingredients are all derived exclusively from plant sources and have been chosen for their beneficial cosmetic properties. So your skin can look and feel fresh, youthful and moisturised.


For our oils, we carefully select only the most precious natural oils, highly appreciated for their natural skin-loving benefits. Thanks to the fermentation process, our olive oil contains 50 times more essential fatty acids,* like Omega 6 and Omega 9 than unfermented olive oil for skin. Therefore, our natural formulas have 10 times more powerful antioxidant function and can better protect the skin from harmful external influences, ensuring you enjoy the full benefits of fermented skincare
*Compared to unfermented olive oil.

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Florena's Fermented Skincare Products

If you’re interested in exploring fermented skincare more, then Florena is perfect for you. All of our products use the fermentation process, and to make things better - they're all natural, sustainable and use vegan formulas too!