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Is Natural Skincare Better for your Skin?

We look at both sides of the argument and pick 5 reasons why natural products are better for your skin and the environment.

Is natural skin care better for your skin?

Natural skin care products generally contain less harsh chemicals so are kinder to skin and less likely to cause irritation. The natural ingredients they contain can also have huge benefits for your skin; but whether or not natural skin care is better for your skin or not depends on your skin's unique needs.

What is natural skin care?

Natural skin care can mean something different to everyone. To some people 'natural' just means containing a specific organic ingredient that is derived from plants or flowers. To others it means containing a minimal amount of synthetic ingredients or a specific manufacturing process. Whereas some view the term as meaning vegan or ethical.


Luckily, Florena meets the criteria of all of these. All of our formulas are vegan and Certified COSMOS Natural by The Soil Association. This attests to the fact we only use the highest quality naturally derived ingredients (minimum 99.46%), carefully selected for their beneficial properties.


Animals also play no part at all in the development and manufacturing of our products.

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Florena Is a Natural Skincare Brand Because:

  • Our products are made by the natural process of fermentation
  • We use a minimum of 99.46% naturally derived ingredients
  • We are COSMOS Natural certified by The Soil Association
  • We have Vegan formulas
  • We greenly package all of our products using 97.5% recycled plastic (excluding caps), we have tried to make our packaging recyclable where possible and include a minimum of 70% recycled paper, ensuring we offer sustainable skin care

Are natural products better for your skin?

Get Your Skincare Routine Right

The success of  your natural skin care routine really depends on 2 things: the products you are using and the needs of your skin. You need to be using the right products, with the right ingredients to make sure natural skin care is better for your skin. This is why we only use the highest quality natural skin care ingredients, known for their beneficial properties, to make our natural products better for your skin.

There are many reasons why natural products could be better for your skin. Using a well formulated natural product, that meets your skin needs and type, can work absolute wonders nurturing and nourishing it. Every person’s skin is different though, so you need to try and test different skincare products of different origins to truly find out what works best for your skin. 

The reason we opt for natural products is because we believe in the power of nature, and use ingredients that are known to be beneficial for skin. Below are a few more reasons why we believe natural products are better for your skin.

5 reasons why natural products are better for your skin & the environment

1) They can be much kinder to skin

If you have sensitive skin, you are probably aware that some products can cause severe discomfort and irritation when applied. This can be caused by certain unnatural chemicals that are added to products. Natural skin care products are generally much milder on skin so you can enjoy their benefits without irritating your skin.

2) Opting for natural skin care can be better for the environment

The production process for natural skin care products minimises the need for any chemical processing which can be harmful to the environment. Not only that but natural ingredients can be sourced in a more sustainable way.

We also go one step further with our packaging, making sure that each jar is made from 97.5% recycled plastic*, is recyclable** and that each box is made from a minimum of 70% recycled paper.

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3) Higher quality natural ingredients go further

The fermentation process that all of our ingredients undergo leads to more powerful natural skin care products. This process boosts the efficacy of our products, enhances the anti-oxidant effects and increases the availability of the active ingredients making our natural products better for your skin. 

When using products with lower quality and synthetic ingredients, you may find you have to use more of the product to achieve the same result. Using a natural skin care product that contains more powerful active ingredients will last longer and help to achieve better results when using less, which can also help to save money!

4) Natural skin care has been used for many a millennia

It is not just recently that people have been asking if natural skin care is better for your skin. Before any synthetic chemicals were around, natural skin care was all that was used. Many ingredients used in natural skin care products, such as olive oil, have had well documented use throughout history for their nourishing and beneficial properties for skin.

5) You know what you are putting on your skin has come from the Earth

Using natural skin care products can make you feel more in control of what you are putting on your skin. Knowing that only ingredients of natural origin are going on your skin can be more comforting than the thought that chemicals produced in a lab could be getting absorbed into our bodies through skin.

Natural skincare vs synthetic skincare

As technology and innovation has advanced, natural products have become better for skin through enhanced formulas. We use the fermentation process, a new skincare innovation, to enrich our natural ingredients which helps them to deliver the benefits to skin.


Our natural skin care ingredients have a natural affinity with skin which helps them to be absorbed and nourishing.

There are some that believe because synthetic skin care products are produced in a lab, their formula can be manipulated for a specific purpose and therefore be more effective than natural products.


Other misfounded claims say that natural skin care products are not as effective as synthetic due to poor formulation. This is majoritively false, as any product, be it synthetic or natural, can be poorly formulated and therefore be ineffective.


There are many benefits of opting to use more natural skin care products, both for your skin and the environment.


Natural skin care is better for your skin when the ingredients used have been carefully selected for their skin nourishing properties, which all of ours have. Not only that, our ingredients all undergo the process of fermentation to further boost their efficacy.

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Florena’s natural skin care products:

All of our products harness the power of nature to pamper and nourish skin, delivering beautifying results. Every single product contains a minimum of 99.46% ingredients of natural origin, has Vegan formulas and is certified COSMOS Natural by The Soil Association as well as coming in sustainable packaging.

Our Florena 24H Hydrating Cream contains 99.47% ingredients of natural origin, including fermented camellia and fermented olive oil. The light formula is easily absorbed, providing long lasting moisture, whilst nourishing skin to make it feel soft and smooth, boosting your natural radiance. Discover more of our natural moisturisers.

Of course we don’t just offer natural face creams, we also have a range of natural face cleansers as well as facial oils to complete your natural skin care routine.


florena 24h hydrating day cream

*excluding caps
**Recycle by disposing in the correct bin for your local area