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4 Steps to the Best Lip Care Routine

Read our expert advice on why you should start a lip care routine and the amazing benefits of it.

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Lip Care Routine

Lips are a key feature of our facial aesthetic and need special lip care products due to their unique differences to the rest of our skin. It’s important to take care of your lips all year round as the environmental changes can affect our lips differently, with dry chapped lips in the winter and UV damage in the summer. In order to obtain and maintain soft luscious lips all year round follow these 4 simple lip tips for the best lip care.

To start your lip care routine you should first exfoliate your lips in order to get rid of any dead skin. Exfoliating agents that include sugar are recommended for the best lip care, these could include ingredients such as honey, oil or butter. Apply a small amount of the agent to your lips and massage gently in a circular motion. Once completed wash off any excess product before the next step.

The next step of the lip care routine is to hydrate your lips; this step is essential to keep your lips plump and looking their best. For this lip tip we recommend our Intense Hydration Lip Butter. This natural solution moisturises and replenishes your lips, while also sealing in moisture, leaving your lips soft and naturally beautiful.

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lip oil

Lip mask:
For the best lip care the third step is to apply a lip mask overnight. These are recommended especially for those lips that suffer from dryness regularly. This will add another level of moisture to your lips to ensure naturally plump and silky-smooth lips in the morning.

Nourishing Oil:
The final step to the lip care routine is to apply a nourishing gloss oil throughout your day to give your lips the boost they need. The Florena Natural Gloss Lip Oil offers an easy application solution, in order to replenish your lips during the day with deep hydration. You can find out more about the best lip oil for dry lips here.

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The benefits of a natural lip care routine

Using natural ingredients with no synthetics:

It is important to look into the ingredients of any lip products you use, as these inevitably end up being ingested. The regular lip balm user is likely to ingest up to 1/16 of a pound of lip balm throughout the day. Just as you are mindful of what you ingest through eating and drinking you should be mindful with what you apply to your lips. For the best lip care, we suggest vegan chemical-free products such as both of our Florena Lip Products, which are made with 100% natural ingredients.

Support sustainable production:

If you are in support of organic sustainable practises this shouldn’t be different when it comes to beauty products. If you see a lip care product advertised as vegan and organic you can be assured that the production is done ethically and sustainably to aid towards a better future. Make sure to look out for the packaging too as most of these product’s packaging will be recyclable and/or biodegradable.


Why should you start your lip care routine?

The skin on your lips is very different to the rest of your skin on your body and therefore must be treated with extra care. This is because thin lip skin does not naturally produce oil to nourish your lips unlike the rest of the skin on your body. In order to make up for this lack of moisture you will often find yourself licking your lips, actually causing more dryness and yeast build up.

So, in order to combat this issue, it is essential that you moisturise your lips daily by following our 4 step lip care routine. Although it is important to look after your lips, it is also important to not over-do it. You should only exfoliate if you need to once a week and apply lip balm when you wake up, eat or drink and when you go to bed.

Why non-natural lip balms aren’t working

The issue with many of the lip balms that people are using is that they offer temporary solutions to a much bigger issue. In order to solve the real issue, you will need to hydrate beyond the surface of your lips and into the deeper layers of the skin. These unnatural lip balms that offer temporary relief then need to be reapplied again and again which can cause more harm than good to your lips. Natural solutions offer just what the lips require rather than adding unnatural synthetic components which often lead to irritation and further issues.

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Natural Lip care products we offer

Intense Hydration Lip Butter

In order to keep your lips hydrated throughout the day this lip balm which is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids provides your lips with the nutrients throughout the day. Our vegan fermented formula ensures all hydration and moisture is replenished and sealed, leaving lips soft and naturally beautiful. 

Natural Gloss Lip Oil

To give your lips a silky shine finish we recommend using our natural gloss lip oil. This offers extra deep hydration and a hint of shine to complete your look.  The 100% vegan natural formula which is rich in antioxidants will replenish your lips leaving you with fuller looking lips thanks to its plumping effect.