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Natural Skincare For Sensitive Skin

Natural skincare is taking over the beauty landscape. Using natural ingredients is not only more caring to the environment but also for your skin, which is why many people are switching up their skin routines. If you are looking for the best natural skincare for sensitive skin, look no further.

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Natural Skincare and Sensitive Skin

The phrase natural skincare is somewhat of a question mark for many people. There are many definitions as to what ‘natural’ means and whether they are the right choice for sensitive skin. As consumers, when choosing skincare it can be overwhelming looking through the long ingredients lists on the back of a product. This has meant that we often rely on certifications such as COSMOS for clarity. For those with sensitive skin it is even more imperative we know what we are voluntarily putting on our skin. 

Read on to find out in more detail why natural skincare for sensitive skin is the best choice and the best natural skincare for sensitive skin.


Why is Natural skincare best for sensitive skin?

So why is natural skincare for sensitive skin? Our skin absorbs 60% of what you put on it, an incredibly high number, so you need to know what you are putting on your skin. Natural products will contain less synthetic ingredients and harsh preservatives which can irritate the skin, therefore if you have sensitive skin, natural products can be the way to go.

1. Contains Less Fragrance (Parfum)


High levels of parfum within beauty products may lead to irritation and allergic reactions (in few severe cases), so it’s always best to use products with reduced levels. Skincare that contains less than 0.2% parfum is suitable for people with sensitive skin, to ensure the products don’t cause skin irritation. Here at Florena, all of our products contain only 0.02% parfum which is an extremely low amount, meaning they will not cause inflamed or irritated skin. 



Additionally, we all love having amazing smelling skincare, and the scent of a product contributes to the whole experience of it. Skincare that is completely fragrance free, means that the smell of other ingredients isn’t masked, leaving a smell that is not as pleasantly stimulating, subsequently taking away from the experience.


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2. No Harsh Chemicals

The best natural skincare for sensitive skin has no harsh chemicals which could cause irritation. Including zero silicones, parabens, GMOs or dyes. Instead natural skincare powers the antioxidants found in natural ingredients to provide healthy, glowing skin.


3. Vegan 

If you are looking for natural skincare that is gentler on the skin you may also want to check if it is vegan. A common phrase to describe natural cosmetics is ‘vegan’. Vegan skincare can be kinder to your skin due to being made from natural and organic ingredients and often contains less ingredients as well. Therefore, the best natural skincare for sensitive skin is vegan.

Now you know the benefits of natural skincare, read on to uncover the perfect skincare routine for sensitive skin.

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Skincare Routine: Best Natural Skincare for Sensitive Skin

Discover the best skincare routine for sensitive skin using all natural beauty products:


  1. Wash your face with lukewarm water at the sink and not the in shower, your shower is likely to be too hot!
  2. Apply a gentle natural cleanser to clear your skin of dirt and impurities
  3. Use a soft face cloth and carefully wash away the cleanser, making sure you don’t scrub your skin as this can cause irritation
  4. Moisturise with a natural face cream which is kind to the skin
  5. Blend a facial oil into your moisturiser to seal your skin, keeping moisture levels balanced


With your routine complete, let's move on to choosing natural products.


All Natural Face Products For Sensitive Skin

Our skin is the biggest organ on our body so it is important we choose carefully the products we wish to be absorbed. 

Natural Cleansers For Sensitive Skin:

Harsh cleansers can strip your skin of natural oils and moisture leaving skin feeling dry and sore. As we cleanse our faces morning and night it is important we find an all natural cleanser; rich in antioxidants and kind to our skin.

Explore our range of natural cleansers and makeup removers, designed with sensitive skin in mind! Utilising the power of jasmine to remove traces of dirt and impurities leaving you with soft, clean skin.


Natural Facial Oils For Sensitive Skin:

Facial oils give your skin essential nutrients and prevent the overproduction of oil and sebum. This is because your skin’s moisture levels are now balanced, in turn lowering the chances of oily skin and blemishes.

Discover our illuminating and regenerating facial oils formulated to lock in moisture for ultimate hydration. Our Regenerating Facial Oil is made from 100% natural origin ingredients including organic argan oil and helichrysum. This vegan product will rejuvenate dull skin.


Natural Moisturisers For Sensitive Skin:

Finding a natural moisturiser is a top priority if you have sensitive skin, as unlike cleansers which we wash off, moisturisers remain on our skin while we sleep or during the day. 

Rich in supercharged fermented ingredients, shop our range of moisturisers, all vegan certified and infused with one of the following natural ingredients: camelia sinensis, honeysuckle or portulaca. 


Natural Face Masks For Sensitive Skin:

Face masks were created to soothe your skin and leave you with a rejuvenated and radiant complexion. Whether you prefer sheet, clay or peel off masks it is important you know what ingredients have gone into this luxurious skin care treat! 

Our all natural face products for sensitive skin include a range of face masks. Give your skin a boost with one of our 5 minute face masks. The healing properties of the natural ingredients will destress your skin and leave it feeling softer and smoother.

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Florena’s Natural Skincare For Sensitive Skin

Here at Florena we pride ourselves on being 100% transparent about our products' ingredients and manufacturing process. We are proud that no less than 99.46% of our organic ingredients are naturally derived from plants, which undergo a fermentation process to enhance the powerful properties soon absorbed by our skin. 

As well as being vegan and cruelty free, all Florena’s products are certified by COSMOS (COSMetic Organic and Natural Standard) by The Soil Association - an internationally recognised standard for natural, organic skincare. COSMOS states that no more than 5% of ingredients should be synthetic, meaning they completely agree with Florena’s 0.54%, which are essential for the safety and preservation of the products. 

Our whole philosophy around using the earth’s renewable ingredients to create gentle yet effective products. Florena comprises all natural face products for sensitive skin and has a boutique of products with only 0.02% added fragrance. 

All Florena’s products have been tested and are suitable for sensitive skin. Explore our natural skincare products here and protect sensitive skin.