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Your Personalised Skincare Routine

Learn how to create a personalised skincare routine in 5 steps by selecting the right products and customising them to your skin's needs.

Create Your Personalised Skincare Routine

Everyone has their own unique skin type and requirements when it comes to what skincare products work best for them. A personalised skincare routine is important to keeping your skin moisturised, nourished, and healthy.

In this article, we’ll explore how you can use Florena products to build your personalised skincare routine.

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Why is having a personalised skincare routine important?

A personalised skincare routine is important to maintain the health of skin and ensure that you get the full benefits of the products you’re using. This includes using products in order and also considering the time of day you’re following your routine (note: there are differences between day and night cream).

Healthy and well maintained skin can carry out its function as a defensive barrier properly, whilst appearing smooth and bright. Poorly maintained skin may not be as effective at carrying out its protective duties and can appear dull and tired. 

Your day routine should be more focused on protecting your skin from environmental stressors with moisturising products that contain antioxidants for skin.

At night your skin begins to repair itself as you sleep, and is less exposed to environmental stressors. Therefore this is a good time to use products that will keep skin hydrated whilst supporting this regeneration.

Since our skin is unique, we can’t all follow the same skincare routine. Factors like age, skin type, and other skincare needs play into your own personalised skincare routine.


5 steps for your personalised skincare routine with Florena

Here at Florena we use powerful fermented ingredients, including oils and flowers, which have natural properties that nourish your skin. The fermentation process that we use enhances these natural ingredients and makes them more effective on your skin.
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Step 1: Give Your Skin a Good Cleanse

Step 1 in any personalised skincare routine is always a good cleanse. Cleansing your face is essential to remove dirt and impurities, leaving skin clean and ready to absorb the goodness of your moisturiser. In the morning we recommend using Florena Cleansing Bar for this step to deeply cleanse the skin.

In the evening we recommend using our Florena Milky Cleanser instead at this stage as this eco-friendly makeup remover and cleanser will help to gently remove daily dirt and makeup whilst hydrating skin. Our Milky Cleanser contains 99.47% ingredients of natural origin, including fermented jasmine and fermented angelica oil.

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Step 2: Use our cleansing tonic (toner)

Step 2 in your personalised skincare routine is to use our Florena Cleansing Tonic to clean your pores and wick away any remaining traces of impurities without leaving any residue. Our Cleansing Tonic contains 99.59% ingredients of natural origin, including fermented jasmine and fermented angelica oil, to bring a feeling of elasticity and softness to your skin.

A facial toner also works to restore your skin’s pH level. Cosmetics, dirt, pollution and more can affect the pH level of your skin, which can affect your skin condition. 

Apply the facial toner with a cotton pad on the face and neck, avoiding the eye area.


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Step 3: Choose your preferred Florena day & night creams that meet your skincare needs

Florena 24h Hydrating Cream is ideal for hydrating your skin, leaving it looking and feeling softer and smoother. preparing your skin for the day ahead.

Florena Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream visibly reduces wrinkles under the eyes and forehead as well as meeting daily moisture needs. It contains fermented honeysuckle and has firming and antioxidant properties, while fermented hyaluronic acid helps your skin retain water to keep it well hydrated and youthful.

Florena 24h Nourishing Night Cream has a rich texture and nourishes your skin, hydrating it throughout your sleep so you can awake to refreshed and plumped skin.

Florena Antioxidant Night Cream is an anti aging moisturiser, which uses fermented portulaca, fermented olive oil and ferment lactobacillus. Our anti-wrinkle night cream will help keep your skin looking younger, and maintain hydration overnight.

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Step 4: Mix some drops of our facial oils with your cream for personalised skincare

Adding 1 or 2 drops of either of our facial oils to your moisturiser will create a perfect personalised skincare product. Choose your oil based upon your skin needs:

Florena Regenerating Facial Oil will help to rejuvenate skin, providing additional nourishment and softness for dull and tired skin.

Florena Illuminating Facial Oil will help to provide a glow boost for skin to restore its natural radiance.

Apply the cream mixture on your cleansed face, making sure to avoid your eye contour area. Use circular movements using your fingers to apply the cream from the center outwards and from the bottom up.

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Step 5: All Done!

Repeat your personalised skincare routine every day for clearer, hydrated, younger looking skin.