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Skin Type Advice

Skin Care For Your Skin Type

You may be wondering ‘what skin type am I?’ We have guides on what different skin types look like, how to identify your skin type and the best skincare routine for your skin type, so no matter what your question, you will find an answer here. As well as providing you with expert advice, we also give you recommendations on which of our amazing products will help you achieve the most beautiful skin.

What Are The Different Skin Types?

Everyone’s skin types are different, meaning it’s important to know yours in order to give it the best care. Our expert advice is here for you whether you have dry, oily, normal, sensitive or combination skin, helping you find the best products to suit your skin type.

Normal Skin: Not too oily, not too dry, regular/smooth texture, even complexion.

Dry Skin: Flaky and rough texture, tight and less elastic, irritable and itchy.

Oily Skin: Blemishes, large pores, black heads.

Combination Skin: Blackheads, shiny skin on the T-Zone, dry skin on the U-Zone

We’ve got you covered if you want to learn how to look after your different skin types or if you are wondering ‘what skin type am i?’

Florena’s Natural & Vegan Products

Here at Florena, we pride ourselves on being a sustainable, natural brand with our formulas being 100% vegan. We use the process of fermentation to develop our formulas, meaning ingredients are broken down into smaller substances, meaning it becomes more concentrated and therefore more powerful.

We use a minimum of 99.46% natural ingredients in all of our formulas and use a combination of flowers, natural oils and natural actives in our products, meaning that we have products to suit all the different skin types. 

Additionally, we are committed to sustainable skincare, meaning we are not only kind to our skin but also to the environment. All of our jars, bottles and boxes are 100% recyclable and we also commit to using a minimum of 70% recycled paper in our packaging.