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Skincare Routine for Combination Skin

Combination skin requires special care as it’s different to ‘normal’ skin, to account for excess sebum that causes skin to be more oily in places.

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Combination Skin Requires a Special Skincare Routine

As the name would suggest, combination skin is a mixture of different skin types. Typical combination skin is particularly oily in some areas (most commonly the T-zone) and either dry or normal in others. As it is impossible to use just a skincare routine for dry skin or oily skin, you need to find a routine that fits in the middle to account for the oily areas and the dry/normal areas.

Not having the correct skincare routine for combination skin can either lead to oily areas feeling increasingly greasy or dry/normal areas feeling too tight and dry. This can then cause other issues such as: irritation, breakouts, flaky skin, blemishes or heightened sensitivity. 


Skincare Routine for Combination Skin

Step 1: Cleanser for Combination Skin

The first step in your skincare routine for combination skin is to give your skin a thorough cleanse. Cleansing clears the skin of impurities, excess oils, dirt, dead skin cells and any other debris; leaving it clean and ready to absorb the goodness of your moisturiser. We suggest using Florena Cleansing Bar with fermented jasmine and angelica oil for this step as the gentle formula, containing 100% ingredients of natural origin, will not upset either skin type.

As an additional step to give your skin the ultimate care, you can add a toner or tonic to your skincare routine for combination skin after your cleanse. This can benefit your skin as it will help to remove any remaining traces of dirt or make-up whilst refreshing skin, without leaving any residue behind. Florena Face Tonic with fermented jasmine and angelica oil will help to add hydration to your skin whilst completing the cleanse, leaving skin feeling soft and supple to the touch.


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Step 2: Moisturiser for Combination Skin

An ideal moisturiser for combination skin is one that is neither too heavy nor too light, in order to suit both skin types on your face. Too heavy and you will exacerbate the oily areas, leaving them feeling thick and greasy. Too light and the normal or dry areas of your skin will still feel tight and flaky.

Florena 24H Hydrating Day Cream has a light and easily absorbed texture, suitable for all skin types. The formula is made from 99.47% ingredients of natural origin and infused with fermented camellia sinensis and fermented olive oil to provide long lasting moisture that leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. 

With regard to how to apply your day cream make sure to apply it across all areas of your face, neck and décolleté and then work in with a gentle massage. You may discover that you need to apply less cream to your oily areas than the rest of your face, this will come through repetition and fine tuning of your skincare routine for combination skin. Listen to your skin, if certain areas are feeling too greasy, apply less cream and vice versa for areas feeling too dry.


Step 3: Best Serum for Combination Skin

Using the best serum for combination skin will help to give your skin an additional luxurious beauty boost. You can either add a few drops of serum to your moisturiser to enhance its capabilities or apply directly to your face.

Florena Illuminating Facial Oil with pink helichrysum petals and fermented safflower oil is made from 99.94% ingredients of natural origin and is suitable for all skin types, so will not lead your skin to the extreme of oily or dry. This beauty elixir gives radiance to skin, making it visibly smoother and brighter.

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Nighttime Skincare Routine for Combination Skin

Your nighttime skincare routine for combination skin is going to follow a very similar structure to your morning routine. Begin with a deep cleanse to remove all traces of dirt, make-up and other debris that will have built up on your face throughout the day.

Instead of using the cleansing bar followed by the face tonic though, use Florena Milky Cleanser followed by the tonic. Florena Milky Cleanser with 99.47% ingredients of natural origin will effectively, yet gently, remove all make-up and daily dirt whilst nurturing your skin.

Knowing how to wash your face properly will help to keep your skin in great condition. To cap off your nighttime skincare routine for combination skin, you will want to apply a night moisturiser for combination skin.

Florena Nourishing Night Cream with fermented camellia, olive oil and 99.47% ingredients of natural origin, has a rich texture that will pamper and hydrate your skin throughout the night. Our night cream will help to support the skin's natural regeneration process as you sleep, so you awake with velvety soft and smooth skin each morning.

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Add the Occasional Face Mask to Your Skincare Routine for Combination Skin

To give your skin that extra nourishment it deserves and to enjoy additional indulgent self-care, treat yourself to a face mask once or twice a week.Taking time to use Florena 24h Hydrating Face Mask gives you a perfect moment of break and relaxation. Not only that, the pampering natural ingredients will help to revitalise skin, leaving it super soft, smooth and beautified.

A combination of following the best skincare routine order everyday with additional weekly deep treatments will really help to nourish your skin.

Florena’s Vegan & Natural Skincare Range

All of our products are certified COSMOS Natural by The Soil Association and have Vegan formulas, containing a minimum of 99.46% ingredients of natural origin.

Our ingredients also undergo the process of fermentation to enhance their skincare capabilities and boost their efficacy. Try Florena Fermented Skincare and experience the gorgeous wonders of natural skincare yourself.