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7 Summer Skincare Essentials

Discover our top 7 summer skincare essentials so you can take care of your skin whilst enjoying those hot summer days!

As summer draws near and we start purchasing enough flowy dresses and sandals for three people, it’s important we remember to kit out our wash bag with our summer skincare essentials! After all, just like our wardrobe, our winter skincare routine will need updating, as what was our priority (chapped lips and dry skin) is now protecting our skin from sun exposure. So before we sunbathe and tick a radiant golden glow off our wish list, let’s dive into our recommendations for our summer skin care products! We will take a look over the best moisturizer for summer weather, to what make-up remover to use. 

7 Summer Skincare Essentials

1. Lightweight Moisturiser

First up is a staple piece in your daily skincare routine - a moisturiser. Moisturising your face in the morning and evening is critical for preventing dry and oily skin, both of which can cause skin problems such as acne. Well known benefits include helping your skin feel soft and smooth, as well as minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

During the summer our skin produces more oil due to heat exposure and humidity, therefore, our rich, heavy moisturisers which got us through the winter months may now clog up our pores, encouraging unwanted blemishes. So what is the best moisturiser for summer weather? In a period where we want to wear minimal makeup and don’t want to worry about breakouts, a lightweight moisturiser is definitely an important summer skincare essential! Investing in a light moisturiser will keep your skin balanced and complexion hydrated throughout the summer. Florena 24 Hour Hydrating Day Cream is dermatology approved to lock in moisture. The light-textured formula is infused with glycerine proven to create a hydrated skin barrier - truly the best moisturiser for summer weather!


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2. SPF for Skin and Lips

As our knowledge on skincare enhances we are learning more and more about how to protect our skin and SPF is the hot topic. Picture this, you are playing the board game Tension and you’re asked “what would you bring on holiday” everyone shouts sunscreen! Correct, however, we now know sunscreen should be applied to your face everyday not just on your holidays. You heard correctly, everyday! Even when it is cloudy outside our skin is absorbing 80% of the sun's UV rays so it’s important you incorporate SPF into your daily routine. 

Begin your skincare routine with a moisturiser, and then after letting that absorb into your pores apply your sunscreen. P.S. don’t forget an SPF lip balm, as your lips are sensitive to the sun too. 

3. Cooling Spray

A cooling spray can often be overlooked but it is heavenly when your skin needs some hydration. Using a cooling spray can encourage absorption of skincare products and rid your skin of dryness in a spritz. A mist of soothing aloe is perfect for a hot summer's day or humid night. You can make your own natural cooling spray with only 4 ingredients! Aloe Vera (filled with antioxidants and soothing effects), Witch Hazel, Peppermint Essential Oil and Lavender Oil - fantastic for your skin. So what are you waiting for!


4. Make-up Remover

Your end of the day skincare regime is just as important as your morning ritual. Aside from BB cream or a full face of makeup, we still need to remove the layer of SPF, sebum and any excess built up dirt from your day. A reliable make-up remover will ensure our skin is clear of impurities such as sweat and oil, preventing premature ageing, pigmentation and breakouts. 

A summer skincare product recommendation is Florena Milky Cleanser - a gentle makeup remover and cleanser in one. The natural ingredients are proven to leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed; just what you need after a hot summer's day. 


5. Face Cleanser

Whether you are an avid skincare enthusiast or a beginner, there is a rule of thumb you will always hear - ‘double cleanse’. After using a cleansing balm, oil or makeup remover to break up your makeup and sebum, our top tip is to cleanse again to allow a deeper clean, which is very effective in the summer months. Double cleansing will lift your complexion, counteracting dullness and allow your following serums and creams to penetrate and repair your skin during the night. Florena Cleansing Tonic enriched with fermented jasmin and fermented angelica oil balances your moisture levels leaving healthy and refreshed skin. 


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6. Face Mask

One of our top summer skincare essentials is a hydrating face mask. What started as a slumber party treat has transformed into a frequent pamper session to give your skin a boost of hydration, smooth out skin tone, reduce pores and draw out impurities. Giving your skin a well deserved spa treatment after sun exposure will supercharge your skin, providing instant hydrating gratification. Florena’s 24H Natural Hydrating Face Mask is formulated with fermented Camellia Sinensis and Olive Oil providing an intensive moisture increase in only 5 minutes! There’s no better way to refresh your skin after a hot summer's day.

7. Moisturising Night Cream

There are key differences between day and night cream, which is why it’s important to have both in your skincare routine. Day moisturisers serve to protect our skin from the environmental elements we are exposed to, on the other hand, night creams are to repair and soothe, allowing the absorption of nutrients. Therefore, providing a moisturising night cream will be the support blanket your skin needs while it restores DNA. Try Florena’s Nourishing Night Cream perfect for re-energising your skin and restoring moisture while you sleep. 

There we go! Our 7 summer skincare essentials, which are just as important as updating your wardrobe!