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What are the Benefits of Vegan Skincare?

Vegan skincare is becoming an increasingly important part of many people’s lifestyle choices. Find out more about what vegan skincare is and its incredible benefits.

Vegan Skincare

The vegan lifestyle has seen a huge rise in popularity over the last 5 years, as more and more people have become aware of their impact on the planet and the animals inhabiting it. But veganism isn’t just about what you eat and drink. It covers every aspect of your life, from what you wear to which skincare products you use.

Florena is here to guide you through what we mean by vegan skincare, what the benefits are and which vegan formula products we offer.

What does vegan skincare mean?

Just as a vegan diet means no consumption of animal products, vegan skincare products contain no animal products or derivatives. 

Many people aren’t aware of the extent of inclusion of animal products in cosmetics and skincare, but there are hundreds of potential beauty ingredients derived from animals - such as beeswax and collagen. Some of these are complete no-nos for vegan cosmetics and skincare, but some can be produced in vegan-friendly ways.

Collagen, for example, is traditionally sourced from cows and fish. However, recent research has discovered that it can be created using modified yeast and bacteria, making this version of it vegan.

All of our products at Florena have vegan formulas, and all contain no animal or animal derived ingredients. We are proud to be vegan and make sure we produce our skincare in a responsible and sustainable way.


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Benefits of Vegan Skincare

Using vegan skincare benefits the planet, animals and your skin. Have a look at all of the incredible benefits of vegan cosmetics and why you should be making the switch.

1. Vegan Skincare Reduces Your Impact on the Environment

Much like making a conscious effort to follow a vegan diet can reduce your carbon footprint, using vegan skincare products as often as you can (or always) means that fewer animals are being farmed for your consumption. Animal agriculture is one of the biggest contributors to climate change, which means that cutting back on animal products in all areas of your life is a great way to reduce your individual impact on the planet.

Another big environmental advantage of using Florena’s products specifically is that we’ve made the packaging of our range as eco-friendly as possible. The jars we use for our creams are made of 97.5% recycled plastic*. They also don’t have a double wall so you may notice that they look smaller. This means that less plastic is required to manufacture them, although they contain the same amount of product as traditional jars (50ml). Using less plastic allows us to save energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions as there is less weight to transport as well.

*excluding caps

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2. Vegan skincare is kinder to animals

Using vegan cosmetics means that you’re not including unnecessary animal products in your beauty routine. Vegan formula skincare products which don’t test on animals, like Florena’s, go that one step further in assuring you that you’re not contributing to animals suffering or being exploited for your benefit. 

Scientific advancements and research have meant that many traditionally animal-derived ingredients are now possible to make in vegan ways. Taking advantage of this is an easy way to be kinder to animals.

3. Vegan skincare is great for your skin

Vegan skincare often goes hand-in-hand with natural skincare, which is the case with our range at Florena. This means no man-made chemicals which can possibly irritate your skin, particularly if it’s sensitive.

Vegan skincare products often contain fewer ingredients too, as the focus is on the power of the natural, plant-based components. Florena’s natural fermentation process allows us to get the very best out of our natural ingredients by breaking them down into their most important parts, including miracle-working antioxidants for skin. The fewer ingredients used, the lower the chance of your skin reacting to a product, which is always a plus!

Plant-based ingredients are often rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and natural oils, all of which can work wonders for your skin and help to keep it glowing and youthful.


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Florena’s vegan formula skincare products

We’re proud that all of Florena’s products have vegan formulas, so you can rest assured that by using our range you’re reducing your impact on the Earth and its animals.View our full range of vegan formula skincare products to get started on your journey.