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What Is Double Cleansing & Why Double Cleanse?

Double cleansing has become a skincare phenomenon. Taking inspiration from Korea, more and more people are spending extra time perfecting their double cleansing method. Carry on reading to know what is double cleansing, why double cleanse and to discover which double cleansing products are for you.

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What is Double Cleansing?

Founded in Korea in the fourteenth century, double cleansing has enhanced our skincare routines today! The Korean double cleansing method is using two types of cleansers on your skin. Originally people in Korea would use oil-based cleansers to remove powders from their faces and then followed this with rice water to remove the impurities left behind.

In recent times double cleansing has found its way over to the Western region of the world and people are asking ‘‘what is double cleansing?’ Well it is exactly as it sounds - cleansing in 2 steps. First you begin with an oil based cleanser to remove makeup, sebum, SPF and sweat. This is then followed by a wash based cleanser, which goes deep into your pores and rids your skin of any excess makeup or impurities.

Although it takes a little longer to double cleanse your skin, you will see the benefits of spending extra time caring for your skin. So now you know what double cleansing is, you can modernise your routine and try the double cleansing method for clean and beautiful skin. 


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Why Double Cleanse?


Once you know what is double cleansing, you now need to know all of the incredible benefits to it as well. So, why double cleanse?

  • Clears your skin of any sebum, oil or impurities
  • Decreases the chances of breakouts
  • Unclogs pores 
  • Leaves skin feeling refreshed
  • Provides a clean surface before applying serums and moisturisers


There are multiple types of cleansers, suitable for different skin types, as well as different styles of cleansing for example a bar or wash. 


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When To Double Cleanse

AM: We recommend double cleansing your face in the morning and before you go to sleep. There is a misconception that there isn’t a purpose to cleansing in the morning if you only went through the process 8 hour prior. This leaves people asking why double cleanse in the morning? However, overnight our skin can accumulate oils as well as dead skin cells during the cell regeneration which takes place whilst you sleep. Therefore, it is vital to have a refresh in the morning, no different to brushing your teeth. 

PM: Throughout the day our skin is a magnet to dirt, sebum and oil due to the particles in the air but also from our hands. Alongside this our makeup has had hours to seep into our pores and is willing to put up a fight at the end of day. Therefore, it is vital your end of the day skincare routine includes double cleansing - an effective way to prevent the chances of breakouts. 


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Double Cleansing Method

Learn below what is double cleansing in our step by step, double cleansing method:

1Step 1:

Tie back your hair so no hair gets in the way

2Step 2:

Wash your hands and ensure they're clean

3Step 3:

Use an oil based cleanser and a reusable pads to remove makeup

4Step 4:

Wet your face with lukewarm water using a soft cloth

5Step 5:

Apply your second cleanser to your face

6Step 6:

Gently massage the cleanser into your skin in circular motions

7Step 7:

Wash your face with your cloth

8Step 8:

Pat dry - be gentle to your skin

Double cleansing will become a no brainer when it comes to your skincare routine! Missing out this step or not washing your face correctly can lead to breakouts and a dull complexion. So follow the Korean double cleansing way and see the results before your eyes.

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Double Cleansing Products

Some people have been sceptical about an oil cleanser, especially those with oily skin. However, they have become extremely popular due to the effectiveness of breaking up impurities and dissolving the excess oil on our skin. Also the second step to the double cleansing method means that the oil doesn’t remain on your skin for long. 


Florena's Milky Cleanser



For the first part of your cleanse you want to find a cleanser which is infused with caring oils.



Florena’s Milky Cleanser is infused with fermented jasmine which is known for its ability to give a soft and smooth skin feeling and fermented angelica oil which is known for it's purifying benefits and is a makeup remover and cleanser designed to leave your skin feeling soft and supple.



99.47% of the ingredients are of natural origin and it is also COSMOS NATURAL certified - making this a gentle first cleanser for your new and improved skincare routine 

Florena's Cleansing Bar



For water based double cleansing products you should look for a cleansing balm that lathers up well as you massage it into your skin. This will ensure any dead skin cells or impurities will be removed.



Florena’s Cleansing Bar is ideal for the second round of cleansing. The vegan formula is made from 100% all natural ingredients and is soap free preventing drying out the skin. The face cleanser removes dirt and impurities built up throughout the day and leaves your skin feeling clean and hydrated with a natural scent.



You should now have all of your questions answered, for what is double cleansing, why double cleanse and what the double cleansing method is!