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Skincare Advice

Discover everything you need to know about skincare with Florena

Read everything you need to know about the world of skincare from our expert advice articles. Our step-by-step guides and information articles will help you on your skincare journey. Learn important skincare advice from discovering the best product for your skin type, personalised skincare routines, what is fermentation and all things vegan, natural and sustainable skincare. At Florena, we're here with you every step of the way. 

Why should you read skincare advice? 

Because every persons skin is beautifully unique and different, it's important to get the expert advice tailored to your skins needs. Whether you want advice on breakouts, dry skin, or want to learn step by step guides on how to cleanse your face - you can find out at Florena Fermented Skincare. 

Sustainability at Florena

At Florena, we are dedicated to sustainable skincare, to not only benefit our wonderful skin, but to benefit the precious environment that we live. We make use of natural, renewable resources by producing natural skincare products. We also cut our usage of plastics and aluminium within our products, ultimately reducing our carbon footprint.