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natural skincare

Discover what natural skincare is and all the amazing benefits natural skincare has for your skin.

Florena comes from the Latin "floreo", which means to blossom, to flourish. Flowers are the symbol of purity, femininity and beauty.


What is natural skincare?

Whether a skincare product qualifies as ‘natural’ is determined by COSMOS (COSMetic Organic and Natural Standard), a cosmetic certification that was developed in order to create an internationally-recognised standard for natural skin care and organic cosmetics.

The COSMOS NATURAL standard ensures that a product is made of naturally-sourced ingredients and that, with the exception of a few permitted synthetics, no more than 5% of the total product is synthetic.


From Nature to your skin

We carefully select precious natural skin care ingredients which are known for their beneficial and cosmetic properties. 


Our vegan formulas are composed of at least 99.46% of ingredients of natural origin, in full compliance with COSMOS NATURAL requirements.

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The COSMOS certification process goes beyond looking at the ingredients used, however, and encompasses a range of criteria:

  • Origin and processing of ingredients
  • Composition of total product
  • Storage, manufacturing and packaging
  • Environmental management
  • Labeling and communication
  • Inspection, certification and control.

The COSMOS Standard further guarantees:

  • No genetically modified (GM) ingredients
  • No nanoparticles
  • No ingredients that have been tested on animals

Cosmos Natural


The Florena Fermented Skincare range is certified according to this rigorous international standard, which attests to our commitment to use only the highest-quality natural ingredients.




Minimum of ingredients of natural origin, above and beyond the strict requirements required by the COSMOS NATURAL certifications.



Florena Fermented Skincare


We are committed to offering both natural skincare goodness and effective skincare which all contain vegan formulas. So you get the best of both worlds at Florena. 




Essential ingredients for the stability and safety of the product, fully respecting the requirements of the Cosmos Natural certification.




The benefits of natural skin care


They're packed full of natural skincare ingredients with no harsh chemicals.

At Florena we use natural skincare ingredients such as honeysuckle, jasmine and argan oil, which have been prized for thousands of years for their moisturising and emollient properties. This means that natural skin care offers all of the revivifying qualities that you want in your moisturisers, balms and lotions - and without the harsh chemicals and irritants that you often find in synthetic skincare products.


Natural skin care products are better for the environment

Because natural skin care forgoes the use of certain chemicals and compounds, there is no need for the manufacturing processes involved in the production of traditional skincare products that often harm the environment. Using natural skincare in your skincare routine is perfect solution that's both kind to your skin, and the environment. 


There are many more reasons why natural skincare is better for your skin and the environment that you should consider to make the switch.

Our natural fragrances are developed in collaboration with our expert perfumers, to treat your skin to a wonderfully sensual experience.
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1Animal or animal-derived ingredients









Our flowers

We carefully choose flowers which are known for their natural beneficial properties for the skin and select the parts which contain nourishing active ingredients. The fermentation process transforms and enhances the properties of our natural ingredients to provide you with the best possible skincare experience.

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Our Oils

We meticulously choose fine oils, known as cosmetic actives, and we extract the main components.

The fermentation process transforms and supercharges the properties of our natural ingredients.