Natural Skin Care Products

Our range of natural skin care products have been delicately formulated with the most efficacious natural ingredients. The ingredients in our natural skin care products have been further enhanced by the process of fermentation; this boosts their antioxidant action to maximise their benefits for skin.

Each one of our products is certified COSMOS natural by The Soil Association, which ensures their naturality, and are made from a minimum of 99% natural origin ingredients. Learn more about natural skin care and the COSMOS certification.

Browse our range of natural moisturisers, face masks, face oils and cleansers below:


Why Choose Natural Skin Care Products?

Natural skin care products that contain high quality natural ingredients can work wonders on your skin; not to mention the environmental benefits from a more sustainable production process. Here are a few of the reasons to choose natural skin care products:

- They can be more caring for skin: Owing to the fact they contain less harsh and unnatural chemicals that can cause irritation.
- High quality natural ingredients can be more effective: the fermentation process that our ingredients undergo boosts their efficacy and enhances their antioxidants action.
- Florena’s natural skin care products are kind to the environment: natural ingredients can be sourced in a more sustainable manner. We go one step further by ensuring our jars are made from 97.5% recycled plastic*, are recyclable** and that each box is made from a minimum of 70% recycled paper.
-Natural skin care has stood the test of time: many ingredients in our natural skin care products have well documented use throughout history for their benefits.

What Natural Skin Care Products Do We Offer?

Natural Moisturiser: 
Whether you are looking for a day or night cream to accentuate your natural beauty or a natural moisturiser with anti-aging benefits - we have you covered. Each of our natural moisturisers are suitable for all skin types and contain a minimum of 99.47% ingredients of natural origin to hydrate and nourish your skin.

Natural Face Masks: 

No skin care routine is complete without the deep treatment provided by using a natural face mask once or twice a week. Again, we have natural face masks for rejuvenation and hydration as well as anti-aging; each of our natural face masks contains a minimum of 99.47% ingredients of natural origin.

Natural Facial Oil: 
Customise one of our natural moisturisers to your needs, by simply adding a couple of drops of a natural facial oil to it. We offer both a Regenerating and an Illuminating natural facial oil which are made from 100% and 99.94% ingredients of natural origin respectively. Both natural facial oils can also be used alone, as their light texture is easily absorbed by skin to provide intense hydration and leave it feeling silky smooth.

Natural Facial Cleanser & Natural Makeup Remover: 
Florena’s natural facial cleansers and makeup remover effectively and gently removes all traces of dirt and makeup from your face to leave it feeling smooth and fresh. The Florena Cleansing Bar can be used as your natural facial cleanser in the morning, whereas the Florena Milky Cleanser can be used as your natural makeup remover in the evening. Both of these should be followed by the Florena Cleansing Tonic to wipe away any remaining traces of dirt or makeup without leaving any greasy residue behind. Our natural facial cleansers and makeup removers contain a minimum of 99.47% ingredients of natural origin.

Learn more about creating the perfect natural skin care routine.

*excluding caps
**Recycle by disposing in the correct bin for your local area