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How To Keep Skin Hydrated

Having hydrated skin has many short and long term benefits for your skin’s overall health. Learn 10 tips on how to keep skin hydrated and the best hydrating skin care products.

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The Importance of Hydrated Skin

Having hydrated, moisturised skin is important for your skin's health and appearance, to ensure it always looks beautiful. When the skin lacks hydration, it can become dry, tight and flaky. Dry skin is less resilient and is more susceptible to opening gaps, allowing harmful things to penetrate the skin, meaning it can easily become irritated and sensitive. 

Dehydrated skin also lacks elasticity and firmness, causing early aging and wrinkles. This is why it’s important to know how to keep skin hydrated as it will give the appearance smooth, plump and soft skin.

Hydration relates to adding water to the skin cells which may temporarily make it look bright, hydrated and plump. Moisturisation of the skin is about adding certain ingredients which will help lock in that moisture, keeping it hydrated for a prolonged period. No matter what your skin type, everyone needs to add hydration to their skin.

Lifestyle Tips on How To Keep Skin Hydrated

Although you may think the only way to hydrate your skin is to use some of the best hydrating skin care, your lifestyle habits are just as important. See 5 lifestyle tips to discover how to keep skin hydrated:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine
  • Eat foods rich in oils
  • Get enough sleep
  • Avoid extra hot showers


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Skincare Tips on How To Keep Skin Hydrated

When choosing skincare products, you should look for the best hydrating skin care to help add extra moisture to your skin. Here are some tips on how to keep skin hydrated:

1. Use the correct cleanser:

Cleanser is always the first step in your skincare routine and should be done every morning and night to ensure your skin is removed of all impurities. Because you use cleanser twice a day, it’s important to choose one that is going to also add moisture into the skin instead of drying it out. 

Choose a cream based cleanser as they usually use natural oils to cleanse the skin and avoid drying out the skin and leaving it feeling tight, much like what gel and foam based cleansers can do. A perfect cleanser to hydrate your skin is Florena’s Milky Cleanser. Our natural cleanser will gently remove makeup and impurities whilst hydrating the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and moisturised after. 

2. Use moisturiser every day:

An important tip on how to keep skin hydrated is to moisturise regularly, after every time you cleanse. Moisturisers not only have natural ingredients in them that will add hydration back into your skin and help lock the moisture in, they also are crucial for helping to maintain your skin’s healthy cells, preventing breakouts and irritated skin. 

Choose a moisturiser that uses natural hydrating ingredients, such as Florena’s 24H Hydrating Day Cream. Our lightweight, easily absorbed formula is enriched with fermented camellia sinensis, which is known for increasing blood flow and hydration to the skin, locking in moisture and leaving skin smooth and soft. 

3. Use an overnight hydrating cream:

To pair with an everyday moisturiser should be an overnight deep hydrating cream, for similar purposes as the day cream, but to ensure your skin is moisturised and hydrated throughout the night.

Using Florena’s day cream, paired with our 24H Nourishing Night Cream, also enriched with fermented camellia sinensis will replenish and nourish your skin overnight, ensuring 24h hydration.

4. Use facial oil:

We can be reluctant to use facial oils sometimes, especially if our skin is naturally oily. The fact is, facial oils can actually help regulate oil production in the skin. Using facial oil is important for skin hydration as it produces a barrier across the skin, locking in the moisture from previous skin care products you have used, meaning your skin stays hydrated for longer. 

One of the best natural oil for skin hydration is Florena’s Regenerating Facial Oil which is formulated to rehydrate and rejuvenate your skin to leave it feeling nourished and supple. It’s enriched with fermented argan oil, an oil which contains vitamin E and fatty acids, helping to hydrate and retain hydration in the skin. 

5. Use a face mask once a week:

Using face masks is an intense hydration step. Face masks, especially cream masks, act like a rich, nourishing moisturiser that quickly penetrates the skin, trapping the moisture and natural ingredients in the skin. Not only are they excellent for skin hydration, they are wonderful for helping you to relax for 5 minutes each week. 

Choose a face mask that includes natural hydrating ingredients, such as Florena’s 24h Hydrating Face Mask. Enriched with fermented camellia sinensis and fermented olive oil, you will get an intense moisture boost, leaving you skin feeling extra soft. 

Now you know 5 skin care tips on how to keep skin hydrated, take a look below at how to hydrate skin before makeup

How To Hydrate Skin Before Makeup

Using makeup can have some harmful effects on the skin, which is why using the best hydrating skin care and knowing how to hydrate skin before makeup is important. Some of the effects include:

  1. Clogged pores
  2. Premature aging
  3. Dry or oily skin

To hydrate skin before makeup, make sure you are following a consistent, effective makeup routine and using the best hydrating products for your skin.