Illuminating and Regenerating Facial Oils

Our Facial Oils

Our natural Facial Oils can be used alone or combined with other products to create skincare personalised to your skin's needs. Their light texture makes them the perfect product to give you intense hydration, leaving your skin silky smooth.

Read on to find out more about our Facial Oils, their key ingredients and how to incorporate them into your daily routine.


Helichrysum is the latin name for an 'everlasting' flowering plant and is known for its extraordinary beauty and exotic scent, as well as its strong antioxidant properties.

In the formula of our Regenerating Facial Oil we have infused real white helichrysum petals with fermented argan oil. In our Illuminating Facial Oil we use pink helichrysum petals with fermented safflower oil.

Mix and create your personalised skincare product using our natural Facial Oils.

Follow these 4 easy steps:

1. Choose your base: cream or mask
2. Place the usual amount of product on your hand
3. Add 1 or 2 drops of Facial Oil depending on your skin's needs
4. Mix and create your personalised product


What is Facial Oil?

Facial Oils have become more popular in recent years, being a relatively new addition to the mainstream skincare scene beyond more traditional moisturisers and creams. The main purpose of a natural facial oil is to seal the surface of the skin to prevent water from escaping. In this way they can keep the skin hydrated throughout the day, helping you to fight external influences like pollution. Here at Florena, we provide the best natural oil for face, for any skin type.

What are the benefits of using Facial Oils?

1. Facial Oil is perfect for dry skin, as they're able to lock in moisture by forming a barrier over the skin's surface. Use them alongside your regular day cream or moisturiser for ultimate hydration!

2. Facial Oil provides a great base for make-up. They'll sink into your skin quickly and give you a smooth canvas.

3. Facial Oil can actually encourage your skin to produce less oil if you have oily skin, which can help to reduce how often you get spots. Just make sure you're using them in moderation!

4. Facial Oil can prevent fine lines and wrinkles. The argan oil in our formulations is rich in antioxidants to help your skin fight ageing free radicals.

Vegan and Natural Facial Oil

Here at Florena, we're proud that our skincare products are natural. Our regenerating Facial Oil contains 100% ingredients of natural origin, while our illuminating Facial Oil contains 99.94% natural ingredients (the remaining 0.06% are essential for the preservation and safety of the product), meaning they are the best face oil for glowing skin.

We have also committed to producing vegan and cruelty free skincare, which means that none of our products are tested on animals or contain ingredients derived from animals. This means that you can use our Facial Oils safe in the knowledge that no animals have been harmed in the manufacturing or testing process.

Our Facial Oils contain plenty of natural ingredients such as argan oil and helichrysum, meaning they are the best oil for face glow. We avoid harsh, synthetic chemicals which can act as irritants. Our natural skincare products are also better for the environment, as they forgo the use of certain chemicals whose manufacture is known to harm the environment.

If you are looking for the best facial oil for aging skin, we have you covered. Our Regenerating Facial Oil is made with fermented white helichrysum which is a natural powerful antioxidant and fermented argan oil which is known for its hydrating properties. Using this oil daily will help tired dull skin to rehydrate, meaning it’s a perfect face oil for glowing skin.