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Vegan Skincare Ingredients & Their Benefits

Learn what distinguishes an ingredients as vegan & the incredible benefits for your skin, animals & the environment.

Vegan Skincare

Whether you’re already a vegan or just curious about vegan skincare, we’ll introduce you to a summary of all you need to know about which ingredients are vegan and what they can do for your skin and the environment. 


Vegan products are primarily associated with the dietary world, however as more and more people become aware of the cleaner and more sustainable living derived from a vegan diet, the term has surged in popularity in other industries as well. What this means in terms of skincare, is that skincare products are marked as ‘vegan’ if they do not contain any ingredients that have been derived from animals and, most of the time, that the products have not been tested on animals either.

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Vegan Skincare Ingredients

The term ‘vegan’ can be a broad term, so it can be difficult to know exactly what vegan means. A way to distinguish vegan skin care products is by familiarising yourself with animal-derived ingredients and checking the product packaging. Many traditional skincare ingredients are actually derived from animals, including beeswax, collagen, hyaluronic acid, honey, silk or keratin. Some of these ingredients can actually be produced in vegan ways. 

You should note that some of these products are cruelty-free but that doesn’t also make them vegan. For example, beeswax is produced by bees and is a very common skincare ingredient. It is considered cruelty-free since no bees are harmed and killed to extract it but it’s not vegan-friendly. Vegan skincare uses only ingredients that are not animal-derived, so if you’re interested in switching to a vegan skincare routine, you should look out for the right products. 


Benefits of Vegan Skincare

Vegan Skincare Ingredients can be kinder to your skin

Vegan skin care products tend to be much gentler on the skin, since they are mostly made from natural and organic ingredients. This makes them particularly beneficial for those with sensitive, irritable or allergy and acne prone skin, as the fewer ingredients result in less chances of skin reactions. 

The plant-derived, natural ingredients in vegan skincare are gentle AND nourishing. They’re also rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which are usually very well tolerated and absorbed by most skin types. Just think of how healthy your body feels when you eat fresh, natural foods. The same logic applies to vegan skincare ingredients, which repair and hydrate your skin so you can look your best.



Vegan Skincare Ingredients are kinder to animals

There’s not much to say for this one. Vegan skincare means no animals hurt, killed or exploited. That way you can enjoy your favourite skincare products with a clear conscience that you’ve helped make the world a better and safer place for animals. Plus, the modern scientific advances allow for so many alternatives to animal-derived ingredients, that are just as good if not better than their counterparts. 

Vegan Skincare Ingredients are kinder to the environment


Switching to vegan skincare products is more than just the vegan ingredients. When brands ‘go vegan’ it’s often the case that they transform their whole processes to be more sustainable to minimise their impact on Earth. That’s why sustainability is one of the biggest benefits of vegan skincare. 

Everything from production, packaging, and manufacturing tends to happen in more eco-friendly ways. This is by using natural and organic ingredients, renewable resources and recyclable materials to leave as less waste as possible. This is extremely important in a time where we need to protect our ecosystem more than ever. 


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