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Why Choose Eco Friendly Skincare?

Living an eco friendly lifestyle is becoming more important than ever to protect our beloved environment. So here's everything you need to know about why you should choose eco friendly skincare, the benefits and our eco friendly products at Florena.

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What is Eco Friendly Skincare?

Eco friendly skincare can have varied definitions, however, it generally means that products are made from natural, environmentally friendly ingredients and use renewable materials to be produced. They are produced in a way that doesn’t harm the environment and allows ecosystems to continue to flourish.


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4 Incredible Benefits of Eco Friendly Skincare

If you don’t already have an eco friendly skincare routine, then below are our top 5 reasons why it’s so important to opt for an eco friendly face moisturiser or an eco friendly cleanser instead:



  1. It can reduce skin irritation: Traditional skincare products may contain chemicals that can leave the skin feeling irritated, dry and sore. Eco friendly skincare mostly uses natural ingredients derived from organic sources, which can be kinder to your skin, especially those with sensitive skin. 
  1. Reduces plastic waste: Plastic is seen in almost everything we use and skincare products are no exception. From plastic packaging to tiny pieces of plastic called microbeads that can be found in skincare products such as exfoliants. Eco friendly skincare can help reduce the amount of plastic being dumped in landfill and into the ocean by using recyclable packaging or reducing the amount used.

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  1. Kinder to the environment: Not only can traditional skincare products that contain harmful chemicals irritate your skin, they are also damaging for the environment. Firstly, the manufacturing process can be harmful. Then once skincare products are washed down drains into the ocean, harmful chemicals can damage the ecosystem. So opting for products with natural ingredients is more kind to the environment.

  2. They don’t harm animals: Eco friendly skincare products, like an eco friendly cleanser, are usually vegan and cruelty free. So that means that no ingredients are derived from animals and no animals are tested on in the process - just like all of our products at Florena. 

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How To Know If A Skincare Product Is Eco-Friendly?

As the term eco friendly is so broad, it’s even more important to learn what makes a skincare product eco friendly, so you can shop more consciously. When looking for an eco friendly product, and to avoid being greenwashed, you should consider the following 4 factors:

  1. Ingredients: Does the product use natural ingredients? Eco friendly skincare ingredients can not only work better with your skin, but it means the brand also avoids having to use the kinds of industrial extraction techniques that are used to isolate synthetic ingredients, which helps reduce their carbon footprint.

  2. Cruelty Free: Does the product test on animals? Testing on animals has been banned in the EU since March 2013, however it’s good to have a look at whether a brand speaks out about using animal products, uses vegan formulas and is trying to take a step in the right direction to becoming completely eco friendly. 

  3. Certifications: Are there any green certifications associated with the skincare product? This is an easy way to see if a brand authentically has eco friendly skincare products. Many brands seek out proper certifications to prove themselves, such as at Florena, we have the COSMOS Natural certification.

  4. Packaging: Does the product use eco friendly packaging for skincare? Make sure the product doesn’t use an unnecessary amount of packaging and that the packaging is easily recycled. 

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Florena’s Eco Friendly Skincare Range

Here at Florena we commit to being a sustainable, eco-friendly skincare brand. Discover below why our products are eco friendly, as well as our values and commitments to the environment. 



Vegan Skincare: We offer vegan formulas that have at least 99.47% ingredients of natural origin. We include plant based, natural oils such as angelica oil, argan oil, safflower oil and olive oil as they are all known to have extraordinary properties and benefits for the skin. We also include a range of different fermented flowers such as camelia sinensis, honeysuckle, helichrysum, jasmine and portulaca which are known to soothe, tone and nourish your skin. 

Fermentation: Our eco friendly skincare range utilizes the unique process of fermentation, which is a natural way of breaking down a substance into a simpler substance, making it more powerful. The most important ingredients become more concentrated, allowing the skin to readily accept and absorb them. Discover more about our fermented skincare


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Sustainable Skincare: We choose sustainable raw materials and use 97.5% recycled plastic in our jars and at least 70% recycled paper in the packaging of our other products. Furthermore, our range of creams contain the standard amount sold on the market - 50ml. However, the jars in which they are sold weigh just 7g - more than six times less than standard jars. This helped significantly reduce our plastic usage and CO2 emissions. 

COSMOS Natural Certified: Lastly, all our formulas are in full compliance with COSMOS NATURAL requirements. It’s a list of criteria set out by COSMOS Standard to ensure consumers that our products are naturally produced to the highest sustainability practises. making us 100% committed to having an eco friendly skincare range. 

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Florena’s Eco Friendly Products

All of Florena’s skincare products are eco friendly and you can be sure to find the best eco friendly face moisturiser, cleansers, oils and face masks with us. 

Our Florena Cleansing Bar is made with 100% natural ingredients, is soap free and is enriched with fermented jasmine & fermented angelica oil. It has a 100% natural fragrance and is free from animal or animal-derived ingredients, silicones, parabens, GMOs, dyes and microplastics. Discover our full range of eco friendly cleansers to try yourself. 

Our Florena 24H Hydrating Cream is made with 100% natural fragrance and contains fermented olive oil that includes at least 10 times more essential free fatty acids compared to non fermented olive oil. It is also free from animal or animal-derived ingredients, silicones, parabens, GMOs, dyes and microplastics. Try it for yourself if you are looking for a new eco friendly face moisturiser.