Sustainable Skincare Products at Florena

At Florena, producing sustainable skincare is an important part of who we are. We want to create skincare which is not only perfect for your skin but better for the environment too. 

Discover our range of sustainable skincare products below, from sustainable moisturisers to sustainable face cleansers.


Sustainable skincare benefits

Every day we are being reminded that our choices can be damaging to the world around us. That’s why it’s essential now more than ever to make conscious choices, which includes what products we use in our everyday skincare routines. But sustainable skincare products not only benefit our beloved planet; they can also benefit your skin to feel smooth, nourished and refreshed. 

 - They can be kinder to your skin: 

Sustainable skincare often means that the products use natural or organic skincare ingredients, which can be kinder to your skin as they don’t include any harsh synthetic chemicals in the products. This is the case at Florena, where all of our products contain at least 99.46% of ingredients of natural origin, like honeysuckle, jasmine and olive oil.

Try one of our products for yourself to see the amazing benefits, such as our sustainable moisturiser or sustainable makeup remover. 

- They are kinder to the environment:

At Florena, our whole product range are natural skincare products, which come from sustainable sources. We use the fermentation process, so we avoid having to use the typical industrial extraction techniques that are used to isolate synthetic ingredients - which ultimately helps to reduce our carbon footprint.

We also manufacture lighter jars (with the same, standard amount of product at 50ml) so that it significantly reduces our plastic usage and CO2 emissions. Whilst we also use 97.5% recycled plastic* in our jars and bottles and a minimum of 70% recycled paper in the packaging of our other products - which can then be recycled again. 

- They can be kinder to animals:

Many sustainable skincare products are also kinder to our planet’s adored animals too. This is because many natural products use vegan formulas - which is the case at Florena. All of our products use vegan formulas and are COSMOS-NATURAL certified, where none of our products contains any animal or animal-derived ingredients and none of our ingredients is tested on animals. So we can keep our skin happy and healthy, as well as our animals and the environment too.

Sustainable skincare at Florena

Sustainability is one of our core values at Florena. We follow the green chemistry principles, which means using raw materials from renewable and sustainable sources. Using this approach means that we can create eco-friendly, sustainable skincare products, and minimising the need for chemical processing.

Discover our range of sustainable moisturisers to sustainable makeup removers and face cleansers.

*Excluding caps